Thursday, 5 May 2016

Tony Wood

Tony Wood. Local superstar hair salon who have renovated their basement into an incredible ‘colour factory’. With exposed brickwork, more quirky trinkets than your grandmas house and huge 6 foot tv screens, You can sit and relax in style while your colour develops. So Dumpster Design embarked on a two dress collaboration with them, one dress created entirely from Tony Wood and Colour factory flyers, the other from an incredible eco cloth used to dye the hair.

The making process was an interesting one to say the least, covering various bits of my studio, house and garden in amazing, yet extremely permanent hair dye. But that’s the boring bit and feels like ages ago so any recount I give with be monotonous, dull and probably laced with lies. However shoot day was yesterday, so that I give a good run down on…

I started off shoot day with a total mare. While walking from mine to collect the dresses a huge van did a tidy parallel park on the other side of the road. I made eye contact with the driver, like Daymmmmm son, that was a sweet ass parking maneuver. He totally got my feels and I carried on my merry way. But then, THEN, as I was arriving at my destination, that very van pulled up and cornered me. He wound down the window and was like ‘hey’, I was panic stricken, this guy (who looked like he was crafted by angels) had followed me all the way from the co op, a little stalkery but I was flattered.  it was sunny, I had yeezus infiltrating my ear holes and every cell in my body and I was faced with this god like parallel parking king.

Im very happy in a relationship, so I don’t know what came over me, but by the end of our conversation i had given him my number and was about ready to elope. He was talking about getting into spaces smaller than thata, he was a property developer, he had a beard, I totally crumbled, he asked if he could have my number and for all I cared he could have had my first born, a kidney, whatever he wanted, at that point I would have slayed a goat in his honor.

Then I got into the shade of my mums house and realized what the hell id done. I immediately texted my boyfriend and told him id happily offered up my number to a potential suitor, that I was overwhelmed, it was sunny, I was sweaty from the walk and I got a bit Beyonce for a second. Anyway, so to say I started the day flustered was an understatement. 

Then I had the always amusing challenge of getting the dresses in the car. Alex my marketing assistant was on hand to help, and somehow, with a lot of shimmying and only a slight bit of tearing we managed to get them in the car and to the studios with a fair amount of ease.

The dream team were reunited with a few extras from the tony wood salon. They sent along a stylist so that the hair could be perfect on set, however with in seconds id persuaded her to get her kit off and jump in a dress. This girl was stunning and it would have been an injustice to art if she wasn’t photographed. She also had amazing pastel pink hair, which after all, was the whole point of the dress collaboration.

Then while titting about doing stupid stuff like setting my face as one of the models phone backgrounds while she was on set so couldn’t stop me, parallel park man texted me! Once again I totally lost the plot and was about to reply suggesting a date/marriage/babies, when I got a grip and remembered that I am in fact very in love with another person. What the hell was wrong with me?! Clearly im so easy that all you need to get me into bed is good parking technique and a stalker like attitude.

Some how we ended up taking over the studio next to us as well and were double timing the dresses like some amazing photography Siamese twin. All in all very good shoot and relatively stress free apart for my minor indiscretion.  Huge thanks to everyone involved. 

 (Photography Ramona Beiu)

 (Photography Luke Barter)

(Photography Luke Barter)