Thursday, 3 March 2016


One of my first twits of 2016 was this…

The ultimate self brag about how im gonna make 2016 my bitch, and my company car would assist me in the doing so.

Well It turns out February had other ideas for me… Within a week I went from Ballin’ like a G, to Ballin’ my eyes out like a toddler.

On the first Monday I was struck with some fairly major health concerns, a bit of a blow for any hot young twenty something, however nothing that me and my can-do (sung like the childrens shampoo advert) attitude couldn’t tackle...But then BANG (quite literally), the second Monday I was in hospital after writing off my car. Broken rib, whiplash, sprained wrist and a total inability to move let alone fold. Meaning I then had to cancel a wedding dress studio shoot and along with that, the London Bridal Show on the third Monday.

What a bloody balls up ay! Nothing like some broken bones, major pay outs and some huge missed work opportunities to make it feel like someone was on a Daisy Sabotage mission. At one point I thought it may be worth writing a list of all those id wronged in the past to try and whittle down who could be the culprit.

Anyway all in all im saying up yours to Feb, and roll on to March, starting with the new company car. RIP Sally Swift, Long Live Bruceyyyyyyy the beetle, equipped with new Dumpster Design graphics (and me unable to stand still long enough to pose for a pic).

Im back on top baby, my fingers have never felt so nimble and i've begun embarking on a La Traviata inspired Italian opera dress for an awards event at the end of month. 

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  1. Life always has its ways of throwing adversity our way. I’m so sorry to hear that you got into an automobile accident. I'm glad that you are feeling better and back living your life. I love the picture of the dress at the bottom, it is beautiful. Keep your head up! Remember to stay positive and chase your dreams.

    Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru