Friday, 11 March 2016


So you may or may not know I went back to school this year. Id done a few years in Manchester then dropped out, grew Dumpster into the little gem it is, and then thought id try my hand at uni again. However I did the classic daisy thing.. and once again got bitten on the ass by a smug post about making it past 2nd year...

(my blog post two years ago)

Yeh, well I didn’t even make it to second year. I deferred because dumpster is an addiction and however much I try and better my skills, the bastard keeps calling me back.

So in the short stint of a year I did do at uni I found out there was a brief to do with paper in the second year. Obviously, paper my jam. And I wanted to do it, however sticking around for a whole other year just to do this brief seemed foolish. So I got my sly on and found a way to be eligible to enter anyway.

Its been so refreshing making a dress for myself for the first time in ages. I didn’t have the pressure of meeting a clients spec and also the dread of them paying me a bomb and getting it wrong. I could do what I liked and it has been amazing. The brief is to do with a paper brand named Fedrigoni, who are opening a new store in Covent garden. Fedrigoni are a shit hot Italian paper brand, so I latched on to this and the new location of the store and created an Italian Opera inspired dress. Fit for a La Traviata pop up paper performance in the center of Covent garden.

So I got folding and fanning. it was the first time id used just paper to make a dress in years and HOT DAMN, I forgot how much a paper cut can sever you. However I found some dead jazzy plasters with bumble bees on.. so you know, silver linings.

The dress only took a couple days to knock up then it was photoshoot time. It was Bruce’s maiden voyage and he came through like a trooper, along with a surprisingly girthy boot.

The dream team was back up and running, this time around my model came equipped with baby. This thing was so damn cute I’m considering making it a must have for all future models. Considering we had 3 different backgrounds to shoot, a limited amount of time, a baby on set and a six foot model in a dress made for someone 5’7, the whole thing went surprisingly well. I felt like one of those aborigine women with baby strapped to their head/back/limbs. I was jetting around art directing, mending things, gluing things all the while cradling this baby. I even popped to the cafĂ© downstairs to microwave its bottle of milk in between a lighting change. However I think I was a bit big for my boots there as he then spewed on me after having it, white shirt and all. However its me and i would probably make more of a mess left to my own devices.

So there we have it. Beaut model, dream photographer...and me.. smelling like baby sick.

Nailed it.

Thursday, 3 March 2016


One of my first twits of 2016 was this…

The ultimate self brag about how im gonna make 2016 my bitch, and my company car would assist me in the doing so.

Well It turns out February had other ideas for me… Within a week I went from Ballin’ like a G, to Ballin’ my eyes out like a toddler.

On the first Monday I was struck with some fairly major health concerns, a bit of a blow for any hot young twenty something, however nothing that me and my can-do (sung like the childrens shampoo advert) attitude couldn’t tackle...But then BANG (quite literally), the second Monday I was in hospital after writing off my car. Broken rib, whiplash, sprained wrist and a total inability to move let alone fold. Meaning I then had to cancel a wedding dress studio shoot and along with that, the London Bridal Show on the third Monday.

What a bloody balls up ay! Nothing like some broken bones, major pay outs and some huge missed work opportunities to make it feel like someone was on a Daisy Sabotage mission. At one point I thought it may be worth writing a list of all those id wronged in the past to try and whittle down who could be the culprit.

Anyway all in all im saying up yours to Feb, and roll on to March, starting with the new company car. RIP Sally Swift, Long Live Bruceyyyyyyy the beetle, equipped with new Dumpster Design graphics (and me unable to stand still long enough to pose for a pic).

Im back on top baby, my fingers have never felt so nimble and i've begun embarking on a La Traviata inspired Italian opera dress for an awards event at the end of month.