Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Suzuki, You old Dog.

Six months ago I wrote a blog about how I’m not dead, I’m back, ready to shock the world with my (continued) greatness… PAH, I locked myself away in my man cave not replying to a text from my mum let alone blogging to my extensive fan base- still just my mum (and 1 person in Russia). So lets say that was a tease, a mere nip slip to the main event. Now I really am back, In all my questionable glory. And I can promise you this because I have a marketing manager holding the flame under my behind so close that if it weren't for my exquisite grooming regime I could smell the slightly singed hair.

You’ll be pleased to know, whilst locked in my man shed I have been getting down and dirty, quite literally, with Dumpster work. I was commissioned by Suzuki to create three dresses, all three from motorbike parts, but each one commemorating something different. So I hopped too it and have spent the last six months embarking upon this once in a lifetime collaboration.

If I was any good at running a company I would have been writing progress updates through out the project, however quite simply, I didn’t. So a quick overview will have to do… To say I was in my element is an understatement. They don’t call me Sticky Daisy for nothing, always got my fingers in a jar of jam or a pot of PVA. Very quickly the light switches in my studio went from being covered in peanut butter and ketchup to motorbike oil and grease.

Suzuki pretty much sent me an Ikea-make-it-yourself-motorbike, every part and panel under the sun. Packages three times the size of me were delivered, with endless materials from spark plugs to double-bubble visor screens. I LOVED IT. Fairly sure I can only referrer to my friends as ‘acquaintances’ now after bombarding them with endless snapchats of various bits of bike. Something i soon realised, unsurprisingly, that no one gives a toss about.

So I went to town, shut myself away in the garage with power tools, table top saws and of course, as any biker knows, cable ties. Only leaving to visit B&Q or A&E. Happy to say the visits were probably on a 3:1 ratio, so I’m calling that good stats.

What I’m yet to mention is Suzuki also commissioned three short films- Each one documenting the making process of each of the dresses. The only downer being that every swear, every injury, every major Fuck Up (where I accidentally cut the wrong bit off a £700 side-panel or put a pillar box drill through my thumb) is now caught on film. The videographer has been kind enough to put together a short ‘C-reel’, which is just a steady stream of me dropping the C-Bomb in varying aggressive tones across the six month period.

After a lot of hard graft, a huge lack of sleep and two severe emotional meltdowns, the dresses were completed. And I wont lie, I was a right old Chuffty Pants. I make dresses out of rubbish, yes, however this time I stepped it up a gear (wreyyy bike pun). This project involved an incredible amount of skill, accuracy and even just basic physics… for example, factoring in the common law of gravity is something that had never shown itself to be an issue before. But they were done. 

And HOT DAMN, they look like a sexy bitta kit.

Suzuki Genuine Parts Dress
Watch the making video HERE

Suzuki ECSTAR Oil Dress
Watch the making video HERE

Suzuki GSX-R 30th Anniversary Dress
Watch the making video HERE

For any further information, high res images and/or press release please get in touch with pr@dumpsterdesign.co.uk 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Drinkin' Droolin' and Dunkin'

Hooray, she’s alive! I know its been a while since I’ve shared all the greatness that goes on at Dumpster Design and in Daisy land, even blogger gave up on me, after its standard ‘you haven’t posted for 70 days’ email, it got that I was M.I.A presumed dead. However I assure you this is not the case! I’ve been off at school getting drunk and breaking hearts, like a modern day Monroe, with less of the beauty and abortions, more of the drowning all my potential in the bottom of a dirty shot glass.

Ok so about 38% of the above is true, i mean i just likened myself to Marilyn Monroe, bitch please. I have however still managed to happen upon some super great work related things whilst in a mist of funnels and dirty bed sheets.

Being Queen of ‘Jammy’ I gained a contact for a phenomenal photographer called Paul Baichoo. He is an exquisite talent and is the Floyd in ‘Floyd & Phoenix’ (check ‘em out here). After some long conversations fuelled by unbounded passion and the artistic need to create, we decided to shoot a ‘trash the dress’ series. Using  each of the four natural elements to destroy a dress in the hope of gaining some cracking pics.

So as always, I roped in Ellie- stunning model, friend, saint, and at the end of this I think a firm hater of, well, me. We started with water and thought the jay cloth dress would be perfect for this, with all its floaty, swirly magicness. I was under the impression this would be fairly straight forward, chuck her about a bit, whack her in the tub, bish bash bosh and we’re done. No, no, as always this wasn’t the case. First problem arises when I opened the door to Paul and found a Greek Adonis standing at my threshold. Seriously, words can’t do this man justice. It is like he was sent down by angels to chuck male models off their high horses.  How on earth was I meant to 1. Communicate  2. Work and 3. Act professional, when I was busy trying to scrape my jaw off the muddy floorboards?!

Luckily Ellie had come round earlier so she was there to be able to act like a normal person and chat to him about industry stuff while I changed my pants and crafted a make shift bib to catch the constant stream of drool that seemed to be flowing from my mouth.

Paul had an idea in mind of the sort of pictures he wanted to achieve so I watched him work his magic while following Ellie around picking up bits of disheveled jay cloths trailing behind her. We needed to get it to look like she was falling so of course, we made her fall. Over and over and over again. This is the only time having a wonderful memory foam mattress has been a bad thing. Rather than her failing onto a sprung mattress and getting bounced about like a kid on a trampoline, it was like falling hard and fast into a pile of wet mud. Landing with a loud thud before it moulded around her in some sort of sympathetic embrace. 

After she got a migraine we decided to run a lovely bath and dunk her in that. What better way to get rid of a headache and relax?! Yeh, not quite. The dress had been knocking around in my studio for a good couple years now, its been on many a catwalk and many a photo shoot, which meant that it had of course collected a fair amount of dust and dirt. All of which came out when submerged in the tub. The ‘floaty, swirly magicness’ id imagined was in fact more ‘splashing about in dirty dishwater’. It became less of a ‘ill never let go jack’ beautiful sunken scene, and more of a snot and makeup everywhere sort of scene. 

But hey we’re all professionals and obviously we made it work. Thank you Paul, and Thank you Ellie. More shots to come if either of them ever talk to me again after being a horrific fan girl to Paul and a horrific best friend to Ellie. See the mega great shots below: