Thursday, 24 July 2014

I'm Not Dead

'Blogger' emailed me yesterday and kindly informed me i haven't posted for 69 days. Yeah thanks Blogger for highlighting my lousy work ethic. I'm not dead, I've just been, well... I've been tanning if you must know.

To sum up the last couple months-

- Im no longer part timing as a 'marketing executive' I'm now working in a studio doing Graphic Design things. I'm in a dark corner facing the wall, much like harry potter in the cupboard. But i get to listen to the radio and i no longer have to type really loudly and say 'spreadsheet' every now and then to make it look like I'm working. I actually enjoy it believe it or not. Although cleaning out my old desk was a definite downer. 

- Im going back to uni to get a proper degree. This time if i make it past year 2 then i'll be happy. I'm living in halls and everything, its got a bit of a Rolf, Jimmy vibe about it but I'm hoping that everyone will be too drunk to realise I'm in fact 5 years older than them, at least for the first couple months anyway.

- Ive started training properly again, meaning I'm in the gym at 5 every morning. Lifting stuff twice my weight and ramming in 7 meals a day. As a result i now look like a cross between a stick man and Arnie. Hard to imagine I'm sure.. so I've drawn a quick sketch to help those with little imagination. 

- Had a delightful Danni Daisy Date Day, i painted a plate in the shape of a heart and Danni painted a morbidly depressing water jug that looks like a chamber pot.

- And to save the best till last... i joined the bloody library. They let you take books for free. FOR FREE?! the guy was so shocked i didn't know how a basic library worked that he called over his work colleague to mock my disbelief and amazement. I was truly baffled that i was about to walk out of the building with a book that i didn't pay for. All i had to do was bring it back in 30 days. Then he told me i could get audio books, DVDs, Magazines.. everything... for free. Up to 30 items at a time?! Its safe to say this has had an immense negative effect on my relationship as I'm now a level 5 recluse. I've churned through so many books in the last month i feel like i could host QI.

Anyway, back to Dumpster, which is apparently the whole reason anyone reads this thing in the first place, i was going to say all the super great things going on, but I'm aware I've just blabbed on for long enough that I'm surprised if anyone is still reading this far. So ill save it all for another post, its exciting too, it involves a new website and a very important CEO of a very important international company wearing rubbish crafted by my own fair hands.

More on that to come... and it won't take 69 days this time, Blogger won't let me.

Oh I've also been skydiving, tree climbing, sunbathing, cycling, helterkeltering, hen do-ing, illustrating, designing

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