Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Mikado

No… not the tasty chocolate treat. If that was the case this post would be a lot more positive. So on Saturday night my friend and I managed to sway our comrades to come to the opera. We thought why the heck not, it’s a Saturday night, lets get cultural. The show we went to see was called the Mikado, I had never heard of this before, and was instantly hooked by the blurb…

“Nanki-Poo is in love with Yum-Yum, but she is engaged to Ko-Ko. Ko-Ko needs to find someone to execute, and when he sees Nanki-Poo about to commit suicide it seems he has the perfect way out. But Nanki-Poo’s price for acquiescence is that he lives his final month married to Yum-Yum; chaos ensues!”

As im sure you can see why, I needed no persuasion. We later found out that this was in fact a very well renown opera by Gilbert and Sullivan. Don’t worry, we were punished for our ignorance. We had to sit through a 2 hour operetta surrounded by die hard fans, getting judged for every giggle and laugh that escaped our lips.

It was made apparent within the first 4 seconds that it was quite clearly an amateur production. Im not going to sit here and slag off a university’s drama department- some people were loving it, Its just God didn’t grace me with such a forgiving nature. We were like 4 school children sat at the back of the bus, passing messages to each other and trying to not get chucked out. It didn’t help that I forgot my glasses and the only ones I had with me were my prescription sunnies. Which meant I was deemed a troublemaker from the off, sat in the back of a pitch-black theatre wearing shades.

The woman in front of me was convinced she was the conductor, bobbing along with every song like she was on a freaking dinghy. She was humming with such vigorous attitude that I thought at one point she may actually have been part of the cast. After the first act it became clear the two hip flasks we bought with us were never going to be enough, so at the interval we went to the shop and stocked up with double the amount to face the second act. After this it all became a lot more tolerable. 

At one point while Yum Yum and Naki Poo were singing some wildly inappropriately sounding song, I totally lost it, the giggles got the best of me and i had genuine tears running down my face. It all became too much- There was a short stubby girl who looked like an umpa luma who had lost her way back to the factory. There was a man in a motorised wheelchair who didn’t know the words and (funnily enough) couldn’t keep up with the dancing. There was one character who was hidden under a table and would pop up when the word tittyshop was said. Oh lord, it was an experience to say the least.

We came out feeling slightly shaken and drained of all laughter. On the way out of the theatre I saw a flyer for ‘Dreamboys’ why the hell we didn’t go to that instead is my new biggest regret in life. It has over taken updating my iphone to IOS7.

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