Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Looky look at my book

Hot damn i should change my name to Good Deed Daisy. In the last three days I've helped a blind woman cross the street in 50mph gales, i’ve saved an Injured frog from the middle of a road, and i’ve designed and created my whole freaking look book. Oh and i’ve also gone got a ton of interviews to progress my intellect further. 

Thats right guys. Im going back to school. Had my first little taste back into uni life on saturday, i watched the rugby at the union and ended upside-down hooked between a hand drier and a sink;  to say i’ve got a good chance of achieving greatness is undeniable. 

So back to the most exciting of all the above- MY LOOKBOOK (sorry blind lady, you just got trumped). They got delivered yesterday, the cover feels like its been dusted with an angels soul and the inside pages have been printed using unicorn tears and wizardry. Its bizarre having my last year of achievements in the form of a book. Its also funny because i left a couple of the main ones out- cough Dior. Yeh i know…tit.

Anyway, these are available at the most reasonable price of £8.99- i mean thats the equivalent of a starter at any average restaurant. And it will sure last longer than bruschetta or something equally perishable. Email a request through the contact form on the website, go on, it mentions pigeons at one point- Surely just that creates enough intrigue to fuel a purchase. 

Yeh its 10:37 on a Tuesday and I'm in bed in my dressing gown. i work hard, cut me some slack. Also i think thats a bit of kitkat on my forehead. 

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