Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Top o' da Mornin' to ya

Guess what? My blooming ugly mug is gonna be on the box! That’s right, I’m going on telly, Irish telly-but hey, Ireland is the next Milan in the fashion world don’t you know? Semi-nervous about the liability that is my mouth. It’s been said before- I curse like a sailor and have the mind of a dirty old man. So me going on telly-LIVE telly is perhaps something I need to prep for. I’m going on a show called Ireland AM. Apparently its like our ‘This Morning’. But I can tell you now if the host has a rack anything like Willoughby then its not my mouth but my wondering eyes that are going to be the issue (I’m straight. Honest).

Anyway so I have to fly to Dublin, be on the show and chat about this wedding collection I’m doing, then be in a big wedding show event. It’s all very exciting and surely I can now claim Dumpster is an international company (cough). However having to act professional for an extended period of time could be amusing to watch, especially as I got in a fit of giggles yesterday when trying to book a hotel because the bloke on the phone sounded like the leprechauns in the movies. Although that could also have something to do with the constant state of stress and panic I am in at the moment.  Having to make one wedding dress in three weeks is enough to turn someone loopy, let alone four. I’ve done nothing but stare at different types of white material every hour of every day. I swear to God if it snows I might have to be hospitalised. 

So for now it’s a ‘watch this space’. Four dresses, four different materials, and four very, very short weeks. Lets hope I find myself a Colin Farrell and it will all be worth it.

(these are the ache in my metaphorical ball)

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