Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Yes Man

So I'm doing this thing where I say yes- to anything. It got to the point where i was so stressed and/or tired that others around me were shocked if they saw me wearing clothes and makeup. So got myself together and became the yes man. Which means i've had an interesting week to say the least.

Monday I was rock climbing. I ended up with forearms bigger than a 14 year old boy with a limited 24 hour access pass to the internet. That along with a healthy bit of toe cramp and i called it a night.

Tuesday I was doing 'abtastic'. Inflicted by a persistent trainer at the gym, i was left with a red face and an inability to laugh without severe pain in my abdominal region. 

Wednesday was badminton. Sweating it out with no understanding of the rules and a new found appreciation for Badminton nerds. The courts may have well been lined with world of war craft and jigsaw puzzles. i fit right in as my eye sight let me down and i had to play in specs.

Thursday I was in London getting out trendied by the best of the trendies. I was meeting with a fashion editor to talk about Dumpsters next steps. She also mentioned i look different as i was wearing makeup unlike the last time i saw her haha -great.

And Friday, well Friday I ended up with my legs in a pair of stirrups getting more intimate with two lovely ladies than i have with anyone in a long time, let alone on a friday morning. But hey, nothing says sociable like having a great rapport with Helen the gynaecologist. 

Sunday Dumpster was two years old. Yes, My baby's growing up. My mum baked a cake to celebrate, it looked like bread and no one would touch it. Ive achieved a lot in two years but trusting my mums baking isn't one of them.

And Monday well, Monday I got introduced to Yo! Sushi and ended up like Yo! Michelin man. It was either sushi or the luke warm bath i took after eating sushi...either way my legs swelled up like a dream. i looked like that woman on the incredibles- the ones whose an inflatable RIB with a head.

Tomorrow I'm playing ready steady cook and getting a spray tan. This saying yes mantra has resulted in two things: a tired Daisy. And an empty wallet. 

Don't try new things kids.