Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Girl tie them Vans!

So for once this isn’t about work, Yes Dumpster is on full take off at the moment, being asked to design and create a dress to head Liverpool Fashion Week, in the middle of model castings and got features and press releases coming out our eye balls. However, I’ve got much more important things to talk about- Laces.

Girl, tie them Vans! One thing that really grinds my gears is when people don’t tie they’re freaking shoes up and instead tuck them in the sides or behind the tongue flap. Worst offenders- vans and converse. Look love, if you were using them for the purpose in which they were created- skating and basketball, you would definitely tie them up, otherwise you would be spread on the concrete like marmite on toast. Stop thinking you’re cute and quirky but tucking them in. I get it, sometimes laces can be tricky, you've got to loop, swoop and pull, or something to do with a bunny, a tree and a hole. Either learn or get velcro shoes. i sometimes even double tie, around my ankle then double knot at the front, yeh you 'erd. 

People need to know that this does not in anyway improve your image. Don’t come crying to me when you’ve got one dangling out whilst the other is wedged under your foot in the most uncomfortable way.

To everyone guilty of the above- Im gonna step on your laces while standing in a queue. Tit. 

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