Monday, 26 August 2013


I apologise in advance if this post is somewhat incoherent or dis-jointed. Im feeling very fragile right now due to seeing what must be over 200 fannies in the last 48 hours. As a 22 year old, straight, female, i have seen more fanny than any teenage boy discovering the joys of puberty. And I am not over exaggerating here, I shut my eyes and there is Floo burned into my retinas. I see it when I go to sleep at night. You know that song ‘stuck in the middle with you’, well i'm stuck in the middle with fanny. Fanny to the left of me, fanny to the right. And this isn’t the pretty stuff, this is photo shop free, double page fanny spreads (just had chocolate spread instantly cross my mind, I wish it was that kind of spread).

Anyway, you’re probably thinking ‘Why Daisy? Why are you looking at so much fanny?’ Well I have been creating the ‘LUST' dress for the seven sins collection. And the lovely people over at Paul Raymond (one of the worlds largest adult entertainment companies) were kind enough to collaborate with Dumpster Design on this one. So whilst sat in the office working on Monday morning I get a big old box of porn arrive on my desk. My, my I have never been so happy to receive smutty magazines before! (although that makes it sound like a regular occurrence, which its not). 

The making of the dress was relatively simple, it just took a strong stomach and some tactical folding to make sure there wasn’t full on ‘granny fanny’ on the front, or to try and cleverly disguise boobs within the pleats of the bodice. To add insult to injury I had a girl doing work experience with me those two days, while also being filmed for a Dumpster Pro Mo video. I had to make a judgment call on whether or not I should be showing a 17 year old XXX rated porn mags. I almost definitely made the wrong call as I had her folding fanny within the hour.

Anyway-the end result is pretty bang (lol pun jk) tidy. See for yourselves… last post I had spot the stain, this time I have spot the nipple. Ohhh Dumpster, what have I done to you. Also not entirely sure my friends appreciated the rancid snapchats sent over that 48 period. But its over now guys, ive been left a shell of a woman, numbed to all things explicit. 

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