Monday, 12 August 2013

Sleeping with...?

Last night I got in bed, tucked up all cosy, then when I went to sprawl across the other side I got stabbed in the leg with an open Leatherman. Needless to say, I haven’t had much company in my bed for a while… I pulled the covers all the way back and found the following…

-A fork
-Open pair of scissors
-Chewing gum
-Hair clip
-Gaffer tape

Around 80% of the stuff was work related so I guess it could be worse…at least it shows I’m working rather than just lying in bed alone watching Netflix and/or crying (cough).  My new collection is pretty swell. However there was one moment whilst doing the Wrath dress where I was about ready to wrap the cling film around my head and call it a day. But I soldiered on-like one a Cheryl Coles fans. 

I’ve made progress on the Sloth Dress as well, its made out of old bed sheets. However, note to self- if I ever use old bed sheets again, stay away from my brothers. I was finding stains that I did not want to be finding. Anyway here’s a pic, spot the stains and win a prize. Kidding, you win nothing, Sicko. 

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