Saturday, 17 August 2013

Neck beard

Once again im going to start a post by saying ‘lots of exciting things going on with Dumpster’ yeh its boring but its true. So deal, iiiiite. 

However first things first, for those who have been keeping up with the harrowing ordeal of growing out my hair… we’ve had progress; Ive gone from 8 yr old boy, to coconut, to lego man and I am now please to say… I can pretty much tie it up without a neck beard. So yeh, that’s the main achievement of this week.

But also Dumpster Design is now a ‘we’. I have a new head of PR and suddenly im having to answer to someone. I get in trouble if I don’t reply to a client, I get told off if I don’t write down contact details. I have to have my tweets approved? This is all very new and I feel like I have to be on my best behaviour. Make dresses and be quite Daisy. Stop cursing and being rude Daisy. Tone down that questionable sense of humour Daisy.

Either way its super great, and feels good to have someone else battling in my corner. I like that its now shall we do this fashion show, shall we chose this photographer. If I screw up it can be our  fault (lol jk kidding, id blame it all on her). Oh and the seven deadly sins collection for the Radical Design Awards is going well, my porn is due to arrive on Monday and my chocolate headaches have got so bad I had to stop buying Cadburys but other than that, progress is off the charts.

Next week I am in my studio everyday as I have some hot young thang (talent wise) doing work experience with me. Going to bosh out the last few dresses while watching films and/or listening to Britney Spears, and if my minion doesn’t like it they can leave. 

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