Monday, 5 August 2013

Getting low

So I disappeared off the map for a bit. I did Brighton FW and then got sucked up into a black hole of ignoring all work responsibilities and getting low on the dance floor. But I’m back. I’ve got the Radical Designer Awards in October and my collection is meant to be completed by the end of August- ah crap right. Especially as I have now changed everything. Im doing the seven deadly sins, which just means im being difficult and making more work for myself. But I can see how they are going to look and it’s freaking awesome. So I’ve spent the last week covered in PVA making myself new friends out of papemache.

Im working on Wrath at the moment… going crazy with cling film, Dexter style, blood splats and suffocation. Oh and if anyone has stacks of old porn magazines and/or Cadbury wrappers then please do send my way. Im going to become a hoarder of bizarre materials for the next few weeks.

Also this morning I walked in to my boyfriends bathroom and saw my retainers chilling on the side of the sink. And I thought how comfortable is too comfortable? Would we say a month is too short to be leaving my retainers around and referencing my tampon when I cough? 

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