Thursday, 20 June 2013


So as you can tell from the bombardment of pictures and snaps from the catwalk, Dumpster absolutely bossed at Brighton Fashion Week. In all fairness just getting to Brighton was an event in its self. We had to heir a van, load the van, drive the van. Make sure the dresses didn’t fall out the back of the van… Why cant I just play normal and have a collection on a rail??

Anyway when we arrived Dumpster was separated from the rest of the designers due to the sheer size of the collection (once again love to make things difficult don’t i). I still managed to get pictures from behind the scenes and all the going ons though. It seems ive ended up with a lot snaps of models changing, and for some peculiar reason it just so happens to be large muscly men changing as well. Weird right...

Through out the day we had rehearsals, fittings, tea break, fittings, rehearsals, more tea. The one guidance I gave my models was ‘You got mad swag and try to really creep ‘em the eff out’. In all fairness even with my poor direction the models were incredible and I know for a fact the audience felt uncomfortable when they leaned down off the catwalk and got an eye full of death stares. I did a pretty suave little bow at the end of my collection also, I wanted to do a slow mo Baywatch run down the catwalk, or fist pump the air like an athlete… but I was advised not to by my account manager. In total honesty, I’m not entirely sure why roses weren’t thrown at my feet, or pairs of pants by adoring fans. But whatever, not gonna lose sleep over it.

All in all the whole of the Sustain show was amazing and the atmosphere was electric, im hoping the mild shaking I experienced was from the excitement rather than the 7862382 various forms of caffeine I ingested that day. All the sponsors loved their dresses and I have had some incredible feedback, the kind of stuff you read and your insides go all wibbly.

So thanks Brighton, you were a diamond. And I look forward to coming back next year… although as ive just openly admitted to taking pictures of boys in their undies backstage, i'm not entirely sure I will be allowed back. Fingers crossed yeh?

You can see more pictures of the Dumpster Design collection on the catwalk HERE 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Gym Ginger

This is an ode to the ginger at fitness first, portsmouth.

Oh Gym Ginger, 
You have revolutionised my gym experience. It used to be about working out, but now it is oh so much more. I was squatting, minding my own business when you walked in to the free style area and my world was shaken. You have the body of an adonis, and on more than one occasion i have had to stop myself from asking whether it is in fact chiseled from the worlds finest marble. I used to be nonchalant about the whole gym thing, get sweaty go home. But now, now i put moisturiser on before i hit weights. I colour co-ordinate my work out clothes, i try and impress you by learning new strength training exercises. I know your routine fairly well now, and you know what? mines the same. Yeah thats right, nothing says true love like having the same back and biceps day. I often find myself wanting to leap into your arms while your doing chest flyes, just to see what it would be like to be cradled by those Arnie arms, protected in your unruly Godliness. Ive also had the idea of shuffling under you whilst mid plank- surely you couldn't resist such an act of clear passion?
And yes that one time when you were working out next to me, it was a camera sound you heard. I was talking pictures of you whilst on the floor, using stretching as a pretense. It would have worked had i not been foiled by forgetting to put my phone on silent.

So to my ginger at the gym, ive seen you. I know youve seen me. 

Lets stop playing games now.

PS. i can even forgive your t-shirt tan lines. That shows my unshaken commitment to you if nothing else does.