Sunday, 19 May 2013

Collabs a plenty

Once again i have been pretty awful at keeping everyone up to date on my blog, BUT SO MUCH IS HAPPENING! its all very exciting but leaves little time for much else. 

Dumpster is proud to announce new collaborations with:
-Benefit Comsmetics
-Electric Hair/L'Oreal 
-Veolia (Just the biggest environmental waste company in Europe, HOLY BEJEEZ?!)
-Brighton Fashion Week themselves

Four huge brands, which means four incredible dresses. I have completed the Benefit dress but obviously due to contracts blah blah blah i cant post a picture of it yet. But trust me, it looks freakin' Beaut. Veolia have offered for me to go dumpster diving in one of there production compounds, this may not thrill others, but for me, it is genuinely a dream come true. Being let loose in a tip yard and allowed to take anything i want...oh my god, i can not wait! 

So here is an update of the week ive had anyway:

Discovered the wonders of SnapChat 
(this person shall remain nameless)

Got harrased on skype for being 22 and still a thumb sucker



Tried to spread vegimite with a fork- pretty succsesful but you have to be persistent

Cleared my comp, just took 14 hours (no exaggeration)

Working from home making a mess
(although now I've finished and hoovered. yeh and its not even 14:00 yet. prrrrooodduuucctttiiiveee)

Other activities included getting a promotion at my part time job (I am now a Designer, and a Marketing Executive), flirting with Kristen Stewart, and lots of watching Nashville. 

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