Monday, 29 April 2013

Weekend of Work

This weekend i had to go to London for a progress meeting for the Radical Designer Awards. It went really well, but gee whizz it hit home that i have a LOT of work to do in the next four months. I have to put together a 6 piece collection from scratch based on the life and style of Alexander McQueen, and those who know me will testify-i know NOTHING about designers. To say it lightly I don't care a whole load about fashion, this was reiterated when doing an interview with The News and was asked 'whats your favourite designer outfit to wear?' and i responded with 'my brothers hoodie and sweats, although its not designer...does that count?' The lady politely responded that perhaps she might leave that bit out of the interview that was going in the designer section of the paper. Oops, nice one Daisy. But whats the point in just reproducing another Designers style? i don't understand, gaining inspiration from someone else's work is one thing... but basing a WHOLE collection on it?? no thanks. 

Anyway, so first i did a bit of a google to find out who he is, then found he had passed away, so who he was? Long story short i found a quote about him using 'clothing as a form of protection for the body. Highlighting a womens' vulnerability'. So i took this and ran with it, resulting in my collection consisting of huge armour-esqu structures, breast plates and hard angular lines while still trying to maintain and highlight the beauty of the female form. I think its safe to say it is...loosely(?!) based on McQueen, and it seemed to go down well in the meeting so no qualms there. 

I am amped to get started on making but i have pushed myself like mad this time around and a couple of the looks are somewhat...unobtainable/impossible/just darn right ridiculous. So it is going to be interesting trying to figure out how to make and construct them, but love a challenge so bring it the eff on. I will also be looking for people to do work experience with me around the end of May/beginning of June, so if you are interested please do send your CV to

(If i could use an existing collection id be set...but 'fraid not.)

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