Monday, 18 March 2013


So having a good old chin wag with Danni and we get down to types. She likes dark features, rugby build, big old thighs. People say Rugby boys a lot actually, and ive never understood it, big thighs? all the better for straddling with? nah, no thanks, That instantly makes me think of the film where that fat person suffocates the other one with rolls of fat whilst having the sex. I guess the standard response to "whats your type?" is "oh tall dark and handsome" which is great and all, but if i was going for guys like that id end up dating my brother. 

I know my type and although i may not be thrilled with it, its good to have a few solid boxes for potential suiters to tick. For me, i like a skinny nerd. Love em'. Cant get enough of those spindly arms and dorky dispositions. Although my last few conquests have been far from skinny nerds (im not saying they were fat idiots, just not exactly what normally gets me riled up), its good to come home have a google of Joseph Gorden Levitt and remind myself what matters. Nothing says sexy like a side parting and specs. 

(Ignore the fact he has a creepy, handheld peado cam, JGL's not like that)

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