Monday, 25 March 2013

Busy Week

Last week was a mad busy week but now its done and i have to carry on with everything else i got gonnnnnn onnnn

Just ate these all day

Prepared Pess Kits for Goodwood

Mingled with celebs and did mah thang at Goodwood

Made these to raise money for Kidneys

Back of a box of matches-great animation

It was my Birthday

Made a shit hot veg chilli (woahhhh punnnn)

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

GoodWood Press Day

Today Dumpster Designs' work was showcased at GoodWood Press Day and i am knackered. I'm struggling to keep my eyes open let alone write a delightful, witty, detailed post about the event, so i'm just going to aim for a coherent one. I knew it was a big event but i didn't realise just how much of a huge deal it was until i arrived. There i was with my dress and press kits expecting to be greeted by a couple of people or journalists floating in and out. But ohhhh no. I couldn't have been more wrong if i tried. There were over 500 people there, over 100 new and vintage cars, and over 200 press. So instantly my priorities changed from 'mingle and create some new contacts' to 'just don't make a fool of yourself'. 


The press room was completely done up to look like an old time crime scene, there were 20 pound notes (fake obvs, it might be GoodWood but its not the bloody crystal maze, catch what you can whilst the wind machine is blowing) covering everything. Old time coppers dusting for evidence and checking up on peoples alibis. It was amazing and the swag i got was great! Ive come away with everything from a thermas to ear plugs on a landyard. Already i was happy and felt like the day had been a success.

(All 200 Dumpster Press Kits got snatched up by the Journalists. Made printing, scalping, and tying 200 individual labels seem worth it in the end. Meaning I can now rest easy)

Then i was asked to set up my dress in 'the yellow room' named as such due to it dripping with gold, chandlers and the odd painting of Queen Victoria. The dress was put in pride of place (just in front of the statue, duhh) which was great because it meant everyyyyyone saw it and went up for a closer look. My account manager and i were having tea near the dress and when anyone went close we would have an unnecessarily loud conversation about how incredible it is ('have you seen that dress? its made entirely from old revival brochures!' 'nooo, noo surely it cant be! that's just amazing!') people took the bate every time and went up for a cheeky feel when they thought no one was watching. So easy. 

(Oh thats just me and the CCM of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars (?!?!?!?!?!) With my dress. Yeh. Me, Rolls, Dumpster. (?!??!?!?!?!?!?!))

The Earl of March gave a speech and the event kicked off. There were rides up and down the hill, photographs with the whacky racers, swing dancing, a BMX stunt stage and live 1950s music. And this was all just for the press! can you believe it! Not even an actual event, mad. They sure don't do things by half. A GoodWood actor was put in the dress for 'photo opps' outside of the house, she was a brave soul as it must have been verging on minus degrees outside, but everyone ooed and arredd as she walked by commenting on how freakin' awesome the dress was (which i took as direct compliments about how freakin' awesome i am). All in all it was an incredible day and i felt honored to be there. Some very good connections were made resulting in even more exciting collaborations in the pipeline for Dumpster. 

(Me getting prepped for a very cold, shivery camera interview about Dumpster)

 Also i saw James Martin, that chef off the telly.

Monday, 18 March 2013


So having a good old chin wag with Danni and we get down to types. She likes dark features, rugby build, big old thighs. People say Rugby boys a lot actually, and ive never understood it, big thighs? all the better for straddling with? nah, no thanks, That instantly makes me think of the film where that fat person suffocates the other one with rolls of fat whilst having the sex. I guess the standard response to "whats your type?" is "oh tall dark and handsome" which is great and all, but if i was going for guys like that id end up dating my brother. 

I know my type and although i may not be thrilled with it, its good to have a few solid boxes for potential suiters to tick. For me, i like a skinny nerd. Love em'. Cant get enough of those spindly arms and dorky dispositions. Although my last few conquests have been far from skinny nerds (im not saying they were fat idiots, just not exactly what normally gets me riled up), its good to come home have a google of Joseph Gorden Levitt and remind myself what matters. Nothing says sexy like a side parting and specs. 

(Ignore the fact he has a creepy, handheld peado cam, JGL's not like that)

Sunday, 17 March 2013

My Week

So this week has been a relatively productive one actually, very work orientated which is less fun to read about, but sorry guys, i cant spend all week getting into mishaps just so i have something to write about. Although saying that, today i nearly committed accidental suicide in my studio. It involved a lot of fumes, an inclosed space with poor ventilation and fire. Spray mount the silent killer.

Walked into my room and found Ally playing dead on top of Danni

Did Work

Sorted out Press Kits for the GoodWood Press Day Party Dumpster Design has been invited along to

Did more work

Dad went on holiday leaving all 4 children behind

Away half a day and the fridge already has a designated beer shelf


Sunday, 10 March 2013

My Week

This week 

Lots of denim

Made a camp on the fire escape in the sun

Keep having Oranges with babies in them

Danni and i got a mop chop and she looked like a powerpuff girl

Yeh, thats happening


Did the whole mum day n that

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Losing it

Due to various work stresses i think i have semi lost my mental stability. Examples to support my claim:

1.I changed my bed sheets and realised ive been sleeping with a fully extended craft knife for the last four days.

2.Accidently ate a bug and spat it down my shirt in a line of bug carcass dribble.

3.Stepped on my hot glue gun searing my sock to my foot with molten glue and skin.

4.Put loads of hair wax in my hands then proceeded to rub it all over my face like moisturiser.

5.Cleaned the kitchen so it was spotless then dropped an open box of porridge oats.

6.Washed my bed sheets and was 100% convinced the machine had swallowed my under sheet. After a solid 45 seconds of bewilderment realised it was in my duvet cover.

7.Reading on our fire escape in the sun and my chocolate bar dropped through the bars and landed on top of the downstairs flats conservatory. Leaving me embarrassed and some what upset at the loss of my food.

8.Fell asleep quite early then woke up and started getting ready for work, half way through putting on my make up i discovered it was 1:00 in the morning and id only been asleep for a few hours. 

This has all happened in the last 48 hours. 
I need to take a break. i need a Kit Kat.

On the plus side... My Orange borned a baby Orange today 

Saturday, 2 March 2013


The Beep that ruined my life.

Im not using beep as a replacment for a curse word either. I mean an actual beep. Tuesday night i was awake from 3:30-6:00 in the morning becuase of a peircing unexplainable beep. It went off at 30 second intervals and DID NOT STOP.

I went from this-
Cotton wool in the ears

To this-
Head band for further sound insulation

Then this-
A t shirt over both

And finally-
Another t-shirt.

Still didn't work. In the morning we found out it was the carbon monoxide alarm. It's now in pieces on our landing.