Sunday, 3 February 2013

To do list

So my 'To do list' this year- I know i'm reaching, as many of these people are either unobtainable, married, old, female or in fact dead. But still, its good to have aims. I have also rated said people in accordance to THE SCALE.


1.Joseph Gorden Levitt (7.9)

2.James Dean (7.9)

3.Pharrel (7.7)

4.Gabriel Macht (8)

5.Shemar Moore (8.7)

(To be traded in dependent on mood Samuel Preston (7.4))


1.Kristen Stewart (6.989)

2.Georgia Jagger (7.2)

3.Natasha Khan (8)

4.Mila Kunis (8.2)

5.Kate Upton (8.1)

(To be traded in dependent on mood Abbey Lee (8.3))

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