Friday, 15 February 2013


Im not going to do the standard Valintines day post on how depressing it was to be single and make a big deal of being an independent layyydeeeee that dont need no man. I spent the evening working on a new collection while watching my brother and his mate play video games. A great time was had by all, so there you go cupid, i hope you're satisfied.

Im working on a new collection for the Young Designer Awards. The collection has to be based on the life and work of Alexander McQueen, so i chose something he said to pick apart and expand on- 'i see clothes as a form of protection for the body'. Resulting in my collection consisting of a whole lotta breastplates and armour. In line with this i am also in the process of making a few peices for a collection being sent to Monte Carlo, the only stipulation is that they be made out of denim, so of course this means i can let my imagination run wild and no doubt will create somthing ridiculously awesome (if i may say so myself).

So pretty much, its a watch this space situation... a lot of incredible peices are on their way, but a whole lotta work has to happen before that.

Oh also... check out Goodwood supporting Dumpster and its greatness HERE 

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