Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Treacherous Outing

Today i had a day at home, working on the boring bits of Dumpster. I had spreadsheets and invoices coming out my ears so i took a break and settled down to watch tv. After literally four seconds i looked up and found that Hollyoaks was tainting the screen along with my downtime. In a moment of pure anger and rage i stormed out of the lounge. I grabbed my book and Cassandra (my hot water bottle) along with  plastic bag and shoved them all in my backpack.

I took to the outside air knowing that conditions were rocky. The rain was chucking it down and the wind was a' howling. But i was prepared wearing a ski jacket and wellys along with my pyjama bottoms with a bit of ketchup on (freshly spilled that day, im not gross or anything) -to say i looked the part is an understatement. The wind blew me into oncoming traffic a few times but i stuck to it, my determination being fuelled by my hatred of Hollyoaks. 

So i made it to the beach, and sat down on my Ocado freezer bag to save myself from getting a moist bottom. Whipped out Cassandra and got stuck into my book. Im reading the bone collector at the moment and it was right at the part where the killer chains a victim to the bottom of a pier to watch his skin get ripped of by the waves and mad currents. Found myself thinking if i happened to die right at that moment how long would it take for someone to realise? The girls get back from work at like 6 and they would probably think i was staying at my dads, and the only people who text me are my bank and dominos-WHO WOULD KNOW?! 

Anyway, i made it home. Alive. But totally think I'm gonna make some sort of signing in form for the flat, like a fire drill system. So if any one of us go out and dont return, we know to call the police immediatly. This is just practical. Not weird or unnesacery at all. 

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