Thursday, 3 January 2013

THE scale

There has been alot of controversy over this recently so i thought id set the record straight. This is the fit scale. Not your run of the mill public rating system of the opposite sex where 1=Munter and 10=smokin' hot. Oh no, no, no. The FIT scale is different, very different. On this scale even a 1 has some sort of redeeming quality. Let me lay it down for you-

1= Absolute shocker of a face, but alright legs/bum/boobs.

2= Terror face, but good body. Like the back up dancers in music videos where they disguise the face with a lot of hair and makeup.

3= Your mates would probably take the piss out of you a bit, but when it comes down to it, youre the one who got some action, Not them.

4= Shes a bit of an alright, You'd settle for getting with a four on a night out, wouldnt write home about it, but not the worst thing in the world. 

5= If you get with a 5 youve done well. Your mates will give you props, but there is that small part of you that strives for more.

6= Happily settle down with a Six. You see a Six on the street and you take note. This is the ranking in which Facebook Stalking starts.

7= You find a seven, You marry them. You will do a triple take of a seven on the street. (Most celebrities fall into this category). Regularly Facebook stalking, on the verge of unhealthy. 

8= Such a rare find, an exquisite being. There is very little chance you will ever encounter an eight in your life. If you do it will only be for a short few seconds before your brain registers what you have seen and you proceed to pass out/self combust. 

9= Only a few of these exist in the world. We are talking the best of the best Victoria Secret models and that's it.

10=Do not exist

There are only 2 rules to the scale and they must never be broken under any circumstance-
1.Never rate your mates.
2.Never rate someone who has asked to be rated.

Glad i cleared that up. Please use this scale as a reference when arguing with friends about whether they got with a 3 or a 5 the night before.

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