Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Food Peevs.

You know what really grinds my gears? Food and the world we live in today.

1.Fruit in bread. What the hell you playing at?! get your fruit out my bread. i just want a lovely soft loaf, i don't want to be chowing down to suddenly find a raisin or a cherry. The same goes for vegetables in cake. Get your carrot out my cake. Baking of any sort should stay separate from fruit and veg.

2.Soft cheese. Oh my god. Why ruin everything with soft cheese. Bruschetta for example. What happened to the old school tomato, red onion and basil? if you wanna go really wild maybe some mozzarella on my ciabatta. But soft cheese?! NO! i don't want brie and tomato bruchetta. I don't want feta in a parcel. and i certainly don't want ricotta on my pizza. BACK THE HELL OFF.

Exception to rule 1=Banana Bread.
Exception to rule 2=NONE BECAUSE ITS HORRIBLE.

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