Thursday, 24 January 2013

Chilly Goodywoody

So some how i found myself standing in the freezing cold, trying to manoeuvre snow while wearing 5 inch heels, oh and a cardboard dress. The things you do for your art ay? Do you like how i mastered the 'oh you've just caught me with my morris minor in my 1950's dress, while in the snow and only wearing a shoal, how coincidental!' The last picture was taken just before i stacked it and fell from the facade of grace that had been created around me.

Anyway, the whole reason behind my mad ass, bad ass ways of taking on snow like a nutta is due to Goodwood weaselling me into it. Even after being fairly forceful when insisting that i am in fact the designer and NOT the person who wears the dresses, they managed to get me in it for a shot to go with the article they are writing about the Goodwood Revival and Dumpster Design. So stay tuned and lets hope it was worth getting hyperthermia for.

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