Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Absolute Swoon

So my all time man crush (yes, a man for once) is Frank Skinner. 

I love him.

I listen to his podcast religiously and in doing so turn into the person you side step on the street because they are opening laughing to them selves like a grade A psycho. 'Eww but he's 55' you might be thinking. But i don't care, he has matured like a fine wine, a wine id guzzle any day of the week. At first i had an internal quarrel raging within my mind-do i want him as a father figure or a lover? (I had the same issue with Jamie Oliver, in which i settled for father figure, even though i could and would happily KO Jules at any given opportunity, she's so whiny and Jay don't need that). But with Frank i think its lover, definitely lover. Our family house would be full of laugher, i can see it now- me walking downstairs for breakfast to find he has played a ridiculous prank of sorts and i would laugh and chortle 'haha oh Frank my darling, you really are a card!'.

I find myself laughing along with his radio show thinking we are in the same room and he is talking to just me, often agreeing with his somewhat narrow minded opinions. And whenever i watch room 101 i always pick the same things he does to be locked in. We bond over our hatred of suitcases on wheels, and people who just don't understand umbrella courtesy on the street. 

Now don't try and tell me that's not a face to make a girl weak at the knees.

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