Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Treacherous Outing

Today i had a day at home, working on the boring bits of Dumpster. I had spreadsheets and invoices coming out my ears so i took a break and settled down to watch tv. After literally four seconds i looked up and found that Hollyoaks was tainting the screen along with my downtime. In a moment of pure anger and rage i stormed out of the lounge. I grabbed my book and Cassandra (my hot water bottle) along with  plastic bag and shoved them all in my backpack.

I took to the outside air knowing that conditions were rocky. The rain was chucking it down and the wind was a' howling. But i was prepared wearing a ski jacket and wellys along with my pyjama bottoms with a bit of ketchup on (freshly spilled that day, im not gross or anything) -to say i looked the part is an understatement. The wind blew me into oncoming traffic a few times but i stuck to it, my determination being fuelled by my hatred of Hollyoaks. 

So i made it to the beach, and sat down on my Ocado freezer bag to save myself from getting a moist bottom. Whipped out Cassandra and got stuck into my book. Im reading the bone collector at the moment and it was right at the part where the killer chains a victim to the bottom of a pier to watch his skin get ripped of by the waves and mad currents. Found myself thinking if i happened to die right at that moment how long would it take for someone to realise? The girls get back from work at like 6 and they would probably think i was staying at my dads, and the only people who text me are my bank and dominos-WHO WOULD KNOW?! 

Anyway, i made it home. Alive. But totally think I'm gonna make some sort of signing in form for the flat, like a fire drill system. So if any one of us go out and dont return, we know to call the police immediatly. This is just practical. Not weird or unnesacery at all. 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

My Week

Workshop at a primary school

No wash, no make up, no move day

Ally made sushi at work

Tried to fit this in a box (not easy)

Googled K for 3-4 hours. I feel here she is thinking 'yeh ok, i'll be your bird Daisy'

Went out on the razz

Woke up hungover to this- 

The Cookie Jar

Sneaky peek into the process behind the last Dumpster Couture Piece. Created for an events company in Manchester-

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Chilly Goodywoody

So some how i found myself standing in the freezing cold, trying to manoeuvre snow while wearing 5 inch heels, oh and a cardboard dress. The things you do for your art ay? Do you like how i mastered the 'oh you've just caught me with my morris minor in my 1950's dress, while in the snow and only wearing a shoal, how coincidental!' The last picture was taken just before i stacked it and fell from the facade of grace that had been created around me.

Anyway, the whole reason behind my mad ass, bad ass ways of taking on snow like a nutta is due to Goodwood weaselling me into it. Even after being fairly forceful when insisting that i am in fact the designer and NOT the person who wears the dresses, they managed to get me in it for a shot to go with the article they are writing about the Goodwood Revival and Dumpster Design. So stay tuned and lets hope it was worth getting hyperthermia for.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Absolute Swoon

So my all time man crush (yes, a man for once) is Frank Skinner. 

I love him.

I listen to his podcast religiously and in doing so turn into the person you side step on the street because they are opening laughing to them selves like a grade A psycho. 'Eww but he's 55' you might be thinking. But i don't care, he has matured like a fine wine, a wine id guzzle any day of the week. At first i had an internal quarrel raging within my mind-do i want him as a father figure or a lover? (I had the same issue with Jamie Oliver, in which i settled for father figure, even though i could and would happily KO Jules at any given opportunity, she's so whiny and Jay don't need that). But with Frank i think its lover, definitely lover. Our family house would be full of laugher, i can see it now- me walking downstairs for breakfast to find he has played a ridiculous prank of sorts and i would laugh and chortle 'haha oh Frank my darling, you really are a card!'.

I find myself laughing along with his radio show thinking we are in the same room and he is talking to just me, often agreeing with his somewhat narrow minded opinions. And whenever i watch room 101 i always pick the same things he does to be locked in. We bond over our hatred of suitcases on wheels, and people who just don't understand umbrella courtesy on the street. 

Now don't try and tell me that's not a face to make a girl weak at the knees.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday catch upp

The wonders of hair extensions. 

Browsing farmer magazine personals. Love the broad age range along with the mystery of what 'farm activities' could include. 


Received materials for the next Dumpster Couture dress

i was driving along in the tiny bit of snow england got hit with, and had to scramble to get my camera when i saw a granny off roading it in her biddy mobiel. 

Did some work. Not as glamorous as my studio, but its warm down the side of my bed.

Spent the last three hours watching Workaholics, and plan on spending the next 12 hours doing the same.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Hollyoaks is stalking me.

This started as an inkling, a funny feeling and joke that seemed to happen alot. 'Oh look, Hollyoaks is on again'. But now it has become a sick and twisted reality. Every time i settle down for a cosy sofa session i am faced with this revolting show. To make things worse we dont have a tv remote, so i get comfy and BAM the unnerving theme tune begins, it induces a knee jerk reaction of goosebumps and nausea. I quickly scramble around to make the move across the lounge to shut it off before the disgustingly awful acting can begin, but sometimes i cant move quick enough and i hear an attempt of a terrible northern accent. 

Yesterday i was watching something, all happy and content, then i looked down to read a paragraph of my book, ONE paragraph, turned back to the telly, and there it was. Why does this show keep ruining my life?! im a good person, i pay tax, i recycle, i wash behind my ears. I DONT DESERVE THIS. 

Please, please, if there is any form of superior being in the universe, be that God, or faith, or plain old hope. Please take Hollyoaks off the air.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

My Week

Last week in piccy pictures:

Had the Greenest Kiwi EVER

Crawled around on the floor

K got her glad rags on

Pink and blue with orange diamonties. Yeh, a pretty loud choice, what of it.

Trying to make a smooth transition from kid to grown up by changing my hot chocolates to mochas in the hope coffee will come next

Chilled in the Mayhem!Magazine offices while Dan cleaned my laptop as he refused to touch it due to the layer of 'stickiness'

Who needs Danni when her best mates about?

My Handbag

Today i cleared out my handbag, and found all these things lurking around in the bottom. Its interesting seeing what people have in their handbags, its like looking in someones fridge. 

Perishable items:
Worthers originals (x4)
Sour Patch kids sweets (1/2 pack)
Gum (x2)

Work Items:
Paint brushes (x3)
Pot of PVA
Box of pins
Craft Knife (half extended?!)
Business cards
Dumpster Design stickers
Biros (x4)
Fountain pens (x2)
Fine liner
Hot glue gun stick

Vanity Items:
Nail file
Eye lash glue (x2)
Kirby Grip

Miscellaneous Items:
Ring size mesurer
Tetrus Gameboy advance game
Straws (x2)
27p in change
Box of matches

Suddenly its not so surprising that i could never find anything i wanted.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Behind the scenes

Had a great shoot yesterday evening for the Goodwood Revival dress and the first ever Dumpster Couture Wedding Dress. We ended up covering the wedding dress in printer ink, why you may ask...BECAUSE I CAN THAT'S WHY. I'm deluded with power. 

The not so glamouros side to photoshoots-

Monday, 7 January 2013

Last week catch up

Last week in pictures:

Nothing says New Years like jazzy nails

Washed my clothes. They all turned blue.

Straightened my ear

Bought a book thinking i was thrifty as it was cheap. Turns out its just tiny.


Did some work

Did some more work

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Dumpster goes Bridal

This week ive got up close and personal with kitchen roll to create the first Dumpster Couture Wedding Dress. I worked from home rather than my studio because well, im lazy and if i can go seven days without getting changed out of my pajamas why wouldn't i? Also it meant Joseph Gorden Levitt could be there with me while i faffed about with glue. (If you haven't seen mysterious skin, watch it. Although Joseph did some things i never ever wanted to see him do).

Shooting the Dress on Tuesday so need to get my arse in gear and finish it.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Bringing in the New Year

Happy New Year from Dumpster Design! We bought in the New Year with an incredible photo shoot in a 1950s grade 2 listed building, all for the Goodwood Revival Dress. The end results were amazing and would like to thank every one who helped out on this shoot.