Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My day of torture

Let me set the scene, relaxing day off, lying in bed with my best friend, doing some work and watching Romeo and Juliet. This I bet sounds tranquil and some what of a treat on an otherwise mundane Tuesday afternoon. Oh no no no, Leonardo has to come on the screen and make my insides melt just by saying some disgustingly romantic Shakespearian statement in that delightful tone of his coming out of that amazing mouth, all encased in that beautiful face. So I have a bone to pick with Mr Dicaprio, and in fact it has really wound me up. He has been tainting females views on the reality of men for far too long. Leaving women to be faced with nothing but automatic disappointment when presented with even the greatest of all guys. Purely due to this terribly handsome unachievable man. So I ask, as a lady myself, who does want to one day settle down and be happy and SATISFIED with the guy I have, from the bottom of my heart, Leo, please, please may you just go away.

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