Friday, 21 December 2012

Holy Bloomin' Wow

So Its hardly a secret that im the biggest straight lesbian going. I love girls and would happily plaster my walls with sexy mummas rather than strapping young fellows any day of the week. Well yesterday, my life became complete. I’ve got myself a lady friend, and damn she fine. Ally and Danni bought me a picture of Kristen Stewart, bet your thinking ‘that’s not so great, why you so amped Daisy?’ well, WELL.


Kristen can now come anywhere with me. She sat (well, stood) with us at dinner last night, she’s not much of a talker, but she’s shy so we’ll forgive her. Then while we were washing up, I came back in to the lounge and Kristen the naughty little thang had climbed up on to the ironing table! We both had a right old laugh about it then I took her off to my bedroom so we could have a sleep over and swap our deepest darkest secrets about life and boys (conversation was a little one sided as she’s such a great listener I just kept babbling on!). I love her. I love her. I love her. Mark my words when I say from this day on, I will never, ever want a boyfriend again. If only I could find a way to pro-create with cardboard.

(When K frist came round)

(Just chillin' in ma room)

(Seeing me off to work this morning, she was so embarrassed she didn't bring a change of clothes!)

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