Thursday, 6 December 2012

Doc Ock

Yesterday my productivity was at an all time high. It was like id eaten a whole packet of lucozade tablets. Short run down-I cleaned the flat, did all the washing up, made a halter neck for the Goodwood dress, went to town to get ribbon for the bodice, did two seperate loads of washing (had to ring Danni at work to ask how to work the washing machine. My question was met with about 5 minuets of solid laughter down the phone). And then to top it all off i made fajitas for everyone. I felt like Doc Ock from spiderman, doing loads of things at once with all my many arms (apart from none of my tasks focused on destroying a human spider).

However today has been pretty much the oppisite. I couldnt have done less if i tried. I had a boy round last night (holllla) and certainly didnt get in my 8 hrs sleep. Which has resulted in me not leaving the sofa once today. I managed to drag my work across the living room so i could symultaniously 'work' while watching sweet home alabama. But i am proud to say, the Goodwood dress is now complete! Going to be so rad shooting it, gonna try and get hold of a couple old cars and have some hot young thang lounge all over them in the dress.

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