Friday, 30 November 2012

Winter vibe

Winter is here. This morning i had to de-ice my windscreen with Dannis subway club card and then drove to work in a ski jacket, with my sleeves pulled over my hands as the steering wheel was so cold i couldn't touch it. I hate winter. I hate having to wear so many layers that i can't move my arms above my waist. I hate slipping up on the payment and having to style it out all casual. Its shit. Its cold. I go blue. 
However, i was at work and a delivery came for me, and holy wow, It is amazing! a freaking LEGO advent calendar?! Genuinely couldn't think of anything better to make the horrible winter days that little more bearable. 
Im back at my studio now and the Goodwood dress is coming along swimmingly. I'm excited to shoot this dress, 1950s pin curls and petticoats. It will look lovely i tell you.

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