Thursday, 8 November 2012

Struck down by sickness

Ive been hit. Got by the common cold. Its even worse than man flu. I woke up with a hefty dribble patch on my bed today as i couldnt breath through my nose, seriously so big i was worried it would seep through to my electric blanket and cause some sort of fire hazard. So ive taken the day off work to re-coop and watch telly all day in my sexy flat (did i mention i moved?!), Im ill, but what a place to be ill in. I braved the cold in my onesie to get essential drugs from the pharmacy, getting a few dodgy looks as i walked over the zebra crossing with my crouch hanging low like a 12 yr old sk8r Boi. My friend came home from uni today and is nursing me back to health with 24/7 attention and love. Also means she is there to capture the ingenious making process behind DCouture...

Cant belive i just wrote a whole paragraph on me being ill. I really am a whiner. Anyway, im gonna continue to play with PVA while singing along to Rhi Rhi.

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