Friday, 23 November 2012

Playing ball with the big boys

Yesterday I became re acquainted with my industrial sewing machine. I have been spending a long time on the couture line and seem to have forgotten that actually I bloody love to sew. I may not like to make generic Topshop appropriate garments, but I love a good old session with a needle and thread.
I was making this big ass Christmas bow that I have been chiming on about, and when sprawled on my studio floor fannying about with set squares and pattern masters it really did feel great. My industrial sewing machine is the light of my life. My moon and my stars (I’ve clearly been watching too much game of thrones). I remember when I first got it, the night before it was being delivered I couldn’t sleep at all, and then when I finally did I had the nerdiest sewing machine related dream, genuinely I was just sat at my desk sewing…dream big right?! Its so heavy that the floor had to be re-enforced underneath, so it didn't fall through. This is no minor league sewing machine, it is full on big guns in the sewing world. 

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