Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Oh Danni

Today has been a festive day. To start I'm wearing great thermals, wore them to work because I'm zany like that, snapped up a few comments on how jazzy they were. I was feeling festive from the waist down. Then i had to sort out a biggggg ass christmas ribbon to wrap around a chest full of toys for a christmas lights switch on ceremony. That spread the christmas spirt to my torso as well. And thennn the christmas present i had ordered for my parents arrived. That just topped it off and i got an all over festive body sensation. Impressive considering its only the 20th november. And as if all that wasn't enough, i came home for lunch to find a roaring fire and Home Alone on telly. I've pretty much got Santa coming out of every orifice. 

Also we had to stop and get petrol on the way to work this morning, Ally and i popped into the service station shop and left Danni in the car. Turns out...you shouldn't do that. She set off the car alarm from the inside, Like a forgotten dog abandoned in the back seat. Story of her life really.

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