Friday, 2 November 2012

New Digs

IM ALL MOVED OUT. and holy wow its amazing.
Just woke up this morning, all great, in my own bed in my own room in my own flat. Being all independent and grown up. I feel like a sassy middle aged singleton, taking the world by storm. Its irrelevant that im 21 and still living within 5 minuets of me mam. Today me and Ally bought about 78% of the entire wilkinson stock. I never knew buying a cutlery draw would be so empowering. We've already had the handy man around on four separate occasions-considering we have only been here 2 days i would say that's pretty impressive. But if there is one thing i have learnt from this whole experience, its that washing machines are heavy. and you need a good relationship with your handy man.

At the moment we are wading about in dismantled hi fi systems and soft furnishings. Pictures will be up as soon as our baby is ready, its currently at the post labour stage-cute but needs a good clean.

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