Thursday, 15 November 2012

Crying is sexy...right?

So i know this will probably come as a MASSIVE surprise to a lot of you...but yes, i am single. I can see how this is hard to fathom, as i am some what of a prime catch, with my nerd tendencies and love of cats. But low and behold its true.
I dont find this to be an issue, as i am an independent lady and ive got a whole load of friends who would agree with me on the benefits and empowering nature of being a single (Beyonce for one). However this evening im having a definite pathetic, lonely, female movie moment. Danni is out at the cinema with a boy. Ally is in the kitchen cooking up a romantic meal for two with her boyfriend. While i, well, im sat on the sofa with a hot water bottle on my uterus as the red demon is in my baby box (ladies you feel me) feeling sorry for myself. Watching the Kardashians, while slowly working my way through not one, but two boxes of chocolates. I think at the moment, even a homeless man with no gloves would look upon me with pitty in his eyes. 

Completed. (yes that is a kit kat chunky wrapper also).

To be completed.

I even rang my mum for a chat, and she couldn't talk because she was out for dinner with her Boyfriend. You know youve hit the cold, hard, floor of rock bottom when even your own mother's too busy to spare a couple mins for a chin wag.

Might have a bath to wash away my salty tears, along with my self respect and dignity.

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