Thursday, 22 November 2012

Battery acid and Babes

I seem to have added 'babes' to my vocabulary. This is not ok. I started off saying it in jest, mocking all those who call each other darling and bubs. But turns out it has backfired in a cruel turn of events as im saying it an awful lot these days. It just slips out sometimes like a naughty little creature. It used to be funny but now its plain embarrassing. I dont want to be a 'babes' person. I think of myself more as 'mate' or 'playyyyaaaa' kinda gal. Babes just doesnt fit well with me, ive never bought anything from Jack Wills and i dont own a can of hairspray let alone have time to piss about with strands of hair trying to achieve that effortless bed head look. From this point on if anyone catches me saying babes i give full permission to violently harm me in some way (dont get too trigger happy with it though). This blog seems to have become just a narrative of my life and its dire happenings rather than about my company. Although i do work hard, really i do, there is only so much i can say about playing with hot glue and paper.

Also yesterday i ate battery acid by accident. I'm a thumb sucker and i can tell you now...Not a good thing to be when you've just been handling with leaky batteries. I got one hell of a shock (literally, hollaaa) when i settled in for some Daisy downtime with a hot choc and my thumb, to find it was coated with acid. Anyway, You live you learn. Lets call it the first violent punishment for my continued use of 'babes'.

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