Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Back to normality

So we are now all moved in. Officially and completely. Our 3rd flatmate has returned from a harrowing trip in new york, so we are reunited and Helena Rd is complete at last. Ive been doing full time while Danni has been away taking on Sandy, but now im back to part time which means i can finally give Dumpster my full attention again. I left work at lunch today and couldn't wait to get back to my wonderful flat and start on the first ever Dumpster Couture Wedding Dress. Designs have been whizzing around in my head for months now so im buzzing to get my hands on some hot glue and paper to see what happens. Sourcing inspiration from the humble toilet roll and the infamous Snow Queen ive no doubt this will end up being an iconic piece in the Dumpster Couture collection.  

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