Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Asian Angel

As I’ve mentioned before, My best friend is beautiful. She looks as if she’s been borned from a magical half Malaysian angle. I bet you’re thinking ‘yeh yeh whatever, everyone thinks their best mate is fit’ but NO. today I had full on confirmation.
If you are one of my 6 followers you will know that Ally and i recently went to the ‘Sky fall’ premier. As Ally is a dirty, dirty smoker (the one quality that brings her back down to human level) she scaved a cigarette off some boy at the pre party. She offered to pay him for the death stick but like every one else he was mesmerised by that face o’ hers and gave it too her for free. What a sweet chap…right? Well no. Turns out… Pretty friggin’ creepy guy. We were at work today and one of our colleagues received a phone call from the charity who ran the ‘Sky fall’ premier. Everyone was looking around like oh shit, what did the girls steal. But long story short, the boy had got in touch with the organisers of the event to try and track Ally down. They then got in touch with the company Ally works for by tracing the ticket purchase. WHAT THE EFF. That guy was with his freaking parents as well?! He has clearly been put under the Ally China charm. 
I think this proves that when I churp on about how bang tidy my Bessie is, I am telling nothing but the truth. 

Oh yeh, and she can do this. No wonder she's such a hit with da boiz. 

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