Friday, 30 November 2012

Winter vibe

Winter is here. This morning i had to de-ice my windscreen with Dannis subway club card and then drove to work in a ski jacket, with my sleeves pulled over my hands as the steering wheel was so cold i couldn't touch it. I hate winter. I hate having to wear so many layers that i can't move my arms above my waist. I hate slipping up on the payment and having to style it out all casual. Its shit. Its cold. I go blue. 
However, i was at work and a delivery came for me, and holy wow, It is amazing! a freaking LEGO advent calendar?! Genuinely couldn't think of anything better to make the horrible winter days that little more bearable. 
Im back at my studio now and the Goodwood dress is coming along swimmingly. I'm excited to shoot this dress, 1950s pin curls and petticoats. It will look lovely i tell you.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Louis the french truck driver

Today we discovered there may be an explanation for why i am how i am. When everyone else was a little kid being read wonderful fairy-tales about knights in shinning Armour and Princesses being rescued by Princes. Well i was being told about Louis. The french truck driver. Up until today i thought this was totally and completely normal. I said in passing about my dad telling me stories about Louis, and Danni stopped me in shock, horrified i never had the normal Princess tale.
So apparently it wasn't the done thing? My bed time stories were alllll about Louis, who wore a ring of garlic around his neck and spoke with a thick french accent (which my dad did with such vigor and conviction it was like he was born in Paris). Louis would go on all sorts of adventures, some times he would encounter hitchhikers, sometimes he would have mechanical problems and be stranded on the side of the road (i was too young to know that the RAC or AA existed). My dad would write down all these stories he made up on the outside of a shoebox, it was covered with louis' magical french expeditions. You know what, other little girls may have grown up wanting to meet a prince and live in a castle. But give a shit, my dad embodied a french truck driver. Suckas.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Today has been an uneventful day. I made a cracking start on the Goodwood dress and am hoping to have it finished by the end of next week (possibly optimistic), but that was about it. Although at work i had a solid five minuets of feeling like i was the giant from Jack and the bean stalk. I had a stubby can of Pepsi Max (cant live without it) and it so happened that i had bought the teeny tiniest apple to work. I felt like i was an over grown magical creature eating mere people food. So apart from my amazing supernatural moment my day was pretty standard.

Monday, 26 November 2012


I started working on the design of the Goodwood revival dress today. Experementing with the materials given, seeing how easily they can be manipulated and molded. The dress has begun to form itself, so i merely have to go with it now...


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday Catch Up

My week in pictures:

Went to the cinema. Didnt see a film, just got food.

Nathson cooked us dins

Camo cat


Swan Dive

Friday, 23 November 2012


Today I received two boxes of brouchers from Goodwood. They have asked me to make a dress to promote the Goodwood revival. They want the dress for early Jan and are going to film the making process for use on their website and all social media. I was so excited when the boxes arrived, I cant wait to start messing around with the materials and seeing what I can do with them. I have already starting on the main structure of the dress, but now I have received the boxes I can start getting down and dirty with the design of it. It’s a great honor for Dumpster to be associated with such a well renowned Company and brand, and I’m looking forward to working closely with them. 

Playing ball with the big boys

Yesterday I became re acquainted with my industrial sewing machine. I have been spending a long time on the couture line and seem to have forgotten that actually I bloody love to sew. I may not like to make generic Topshop appropriate garments, but I love a good old session with a needle and thread.
I was making this big ass Christmas bow that I have been chiming on about, and when sprawled on my studio floor fannying about with set squares and pattern masters it really did feel great. My industrial sewing machine is the light of my life. My moon and my stars (I’ve clearly been watching too much game of thrones). I remember when I first got it, the night before it was being delivered I couldn’t sleep at all, and then when I finally did I had the nerdiest sewing machine related dream, genuinely I was just sat at my desk sewing…dream big right?! Its so heavy that the floor had to be re-enforced underneath, so it didn't fall through. This is no minor league sewing machine, it is full on big guns in the sewing world. 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Battery acid and Babes

I seem to have added 'babes' to my vocabulary. This is not ok. I started off saying it in jest, mocking all those who call each other darling and bubs. But turns out it has backfired in a cruel turn of events as im saying it an awful lot these days. It just slips out sometimes like a naughty little creature. It used to be funny but now its plain embarrassing. I dont want to be a 'babes' person. I think of myself more as 'mate' or 'playyyyaaaa' kinda gal. Babes just doesnt fit well with me, ive never bought anything from Jack Wills and i dont own a can of hairspray let alone have time to piss about with strands of hair trying to achieve that effortless bed head look. From this point on if anyone catches me saying babes i give full permission to violently harm me in some way (dont get too trigger happy with it though). This blog seems to have become just a narrative of my life and its dire happenings rather than about my company. Although i do work hard, really i do, there is only so much i can say about playing with hot glue and paper.

Also yesterday i ate battery acid by accident. I'm a thumb sucker and i can tell you now...Not a good thing to be when you've just been handling with leaky batteries. I got one hell of a shock (literally, hollaaa) when i settled in for some Daisy downtime with a hot choc and my thumb, to find it was coated with acid. Anyway, You live you learn. Lets call it the first violent punishment for my continued use of 'babes'.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Asian Angel

As I’ve mentioned before, My best friend is beautiful. She looks as if she’s been borned from a magical half Malaysian angle. I bet you’re thinking ‘yeh yeh whatever, everyone thinks their best mate is fit’ but NO. today I had full on confirmation.
If you are one of my 6 followers you will know that Ally and i recently went to the ‘Sky fall’ premier. As Ally is a dirty, dirty smoker (the one quality that brings her back down to human level) she scaved a cigarette off some boy at the pre party. She offered to pay him for the death stick but like every one else he was mesmerised by that face o’ hers and gave it too her for free. What a sweet chap…right? Well no. Turns out… Pretty friggin’ creepy guy. We were at work today and one of our colleagues received a phone call from the charity who ran the ‘Sky fall’ premier. Everyone was looking around like oh shit, what did the girls steal. But long story short, the boy had got in touch with the organisers of the event to try and track Ally down. They then got in touch with the company Ally works for by tracing the ticket purchase. WHAT THE EFF. That guy was with his freaking parents as well?! He has clearly been put under the Ally China charm. 
I think this proves that when I churp on about how bang tidy my Bessie is, I am telling nothing but the truth. 

Oh yeh, and she can do this. No wonder she's such a hit with da boiz. 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Oh Danni

Today has been a festive day. To start I'm wearing great thermals, wore them to work because I'm zany like that, snapped up a few comments on how jazzy they were. I was feeling festive from the waist down. Then i had to sort out a biggggg ass christmas ribbon to wrap around a chest full of toys for a christmas lights switch on ceremony. That spread the christmas spirt to my torso as well. And thennn the christmas present i had ordered for my parents arrived. That just topped it off and i got an all over festive body sensation. Impressive considering its only the 20th november. And as if all that wasn't enough, i came home for lunch to find a roaring fire and Home Alone on telly. I've pretty much got Santa coming out of every orifice. 

Also we had to stop and get petrol on the way to work this morning, Ally and i popped into the service station shop and left Danni in the car. Turns shouldn't do that. She set off the car alarm from the inside, Like a forgotten dog abandoned in the back seat. Story of her life really.

Monday, 19 November 2012

PVA bathing

Today i had ten liters of PVA glue delivered. Its like Christmas has come early. There's a part of me that wants to pour it all in the bath and immerse myself in it. Like the guy who had a baked bean bath that one time. But no, in all seriousness, I'm going to a make millions from this PVA. Create dresses that will make the world stop and say 'holy wow. Thank God she didn't bath in it and made a dress instead'. The Dumpster Couture wedding dress from toilet roll is progressing nicely. I have to decide whether to make it from 2 ply or 3 ply sheets though. The thrifty part of me wants to say 2 ply but then again, it is a dress, so i guess wear-ability and stability should come first. Ohhh it just goes against everything i stand for. 

Working hard in the monday morning meeting-My torso seems to be elongated, just adds to my greatness though innit.

Riding dirty-literaly

If i could give anyone one piece of advice to carry with them through out the rest of their lives it would be this...

never, EVER, park under a tree.

I've been riding around in the poo mobile for the last four days. I feel like its having a detrimental effect on my companies credibility. I need to wash it off really, what with it being the 21st century and having a kens kebab on every street corner, god knows whats in a birds stomach these days. That shit'll take my paint work off. 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday catch up

My week in pictures:

Jumper with cats on. Dem cats wearin' bow ties. and what.

Pub quiz (that's Justin Timberlake)
Quick trip in an ambulance


Dress making for:

We went out last night and when i woke up a small red Indian tribe had set up camp in my head. Hammering in their teepees and running about doing the 'ah wah wah wah wah' mouth thing. Knocked back a couple paracetamol and that shut them up.

Friday, 16 November 2012


Today i spilt three different food condiments down myself at three separate intervals.

They don't call me sticky Daisy for nothing.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Crying is sexy...right?

So i know this will probably come as a MASSIVE surprise to a lot of you...but yes, i am single. I can see how this is hard to fathom, as i am some what of a prime catch, with my nerd tendencies and love of cats. But low and behold its true.
I dont find this to be an issue, as i am an independent lady and ive got a whole load of friends who would agree with me on the benefits and empowering nature of being a single (Beyonce for one). However this evening im having a definite pathetic, lonely, female movie moment. Danni is out at the cinema with a boy. Ally is in the kitchen cooking up a romantic meal for two with her boyfriend. While i, well, im sat on the sofa with a hot water bottle on my uterus as the red demon is in my baby box (ladies you feel me) feeling sorry for myself. Watching the Kardashians, while slowly working my way through not one, but two boxes of chocolates. I think at the moment, even a homeless man with no gloves would look upon me with pitty in his eyes. 

Completed. (yes that is a kit kat chunky wrapper also).

To be completed.

I even rang my mum for a chat, and she couldn't talk because she was out for dinner with her Boyfriend. You know youve hit the cold, hard, floor of rock bottom when even your own mother's too busy to spare a couple mins for a chin wag.

Might have a bath to wash away my salty tears, along with my self respect and dignity.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Monday Catch Up

My week in pictures:



More Cats


Work with Sergei

Big ass flat screen


All in all a good week. Had an exciting phone call this afternoon concerning a new Dumpster collaboration with a huge brand. More on that to come... i got my fingers in a lot if pies.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Whats another 10 inches?

So i have bought a telly. It was a bit of an impulse buy. I was searching for a bargain (what with being so thrifty and all) and i found that a 32" was a very similar price to a 42" and i thought hey, whats another 10 inches between friends?? It arrived yesterday at the office and well... turns out its quite big (see normal size fire extinguisher for sense of scale). i have destroyed my lovely, elegant, adult room with a big ass flatscreen. But theres nothing better than playing n64 golden eye on a 42" So i stand by my impulse buy. 

Oh also, its 3d. Comes with eight pairs of glasses, don't even have eight mates. BUT I JUST DONT CARE. Maybe i can make new friends, what with having such a ridiculously, unnecessarily large tv and all. 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Struck down by sickness

Ive been hit. Got by the common cold. Its even worse than man flu. I woke up with a hefty dribble patch on my bed today as i couldnt breath through my nose, seriously so big i was worried it would seep through to my electric blanket and cause some sort of fire hazard. So ive taken the day off work to re-coop and watch telly all day in my sexy flat (did i mention i moved?!), Im ill, but what a place to be ill in. I braved the cold in my onesie to get essential drugs from the pharmacy, getting a few dodgy looks as i walked over the zebra crossing with my crouch hanging low like a 12 yr old sk8r Boi. My friend came home from uni today and is nursing me back to health with 24/7 attention and love. Also means she is there to capture the ingenious making process behind DCouture...

Cant belive i just wrote a whole paragraph on me being ill. I really am a whiner. Anyway, im gonna continue to play with PVA while singing along to Rhi Rhi.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Home Sweet Home

 Im such a grown up i have to factor in rush hour traffic in the mornings.

Back to normality

So we are now all moved in. Officially and completely. Our 3rd flatmate has returned from a harrowing trip in new york, so we are reunited and Helena Rd is complete at last. Ive been doing full time while Danni has been away taking on Sandy, but now im back to part time which means i can finally give Dumpster my full attention again. I left work at lunch today and couldn't wait to get back to my wonderful flat and start on the first ever Dumpster Couture Wedding Dress. Designs have been whizzing around in my head for months now so im buzzing to get my hands on some hot glue and paper to see what happens. Sourcing inspiration from the humble toilet roll and the infamous Snow Queen ive no doubt this will end up being an iconic piece in the Dumpster Couture collection.  

Friday, 2 November 2012

New Digs

IM ALL MOVED OUT. and holy wow its amazing.
Just woke up this morning, all great, in my own bed in my own room in my own flat. Being all independent and grown up. I feel like a sassy middle aged singleton, taking the world by storm. Its irrelevant that im 21 and still living within 5 minuets of me mam. Today me and Ally bought about 78% of the entire wilkinson stock. I never knew buying a cutlery draw would be so empowering. We've already had the handy man around on four separate occasions-considering we have only been here 2 days i would say that's pretty impressive. But if there is one thing i have learnt from this whole experience, its that washing machines are heavy. and you need a good relationship with your handy man.

At the moment we are wading about in dismantled hi fi systems and soft furnishings. Pictures will be up as soon as our baby is ready, its currently at the post labour stage-cute but needs a good clean.