Monday, 15 October 2012

Thrifty is my middle name

So im a designer, yes, and that means im automatically engineered to love all designer things right? Anything from clothing to kitchen appliances...right?? But NO. Low and behold I am queen thrifty, leader of the ill pocketed. Im like the pipe piper of the poor. Living in Emsworth definitely has its high points, having a population age on average of 89+ means the charity shops are a gold mine. And being in Emsworth means there is an abundance of them. So taking a break from my extremely busy and very important schedule I went into the village armed with a five-pound note and the need for lunch. And my, my, my, I came up trumps...

Great scarf, Great book, and Great Lunch, all for a fiver. How Great?!

I also came out of my foraging with the need for a shower as I certainly picked up a distinct old people musk. But hey, that’s just one of the joys. Coming to think of it I could bottle it up and sell it as perfume, spray some on and get in a cupboard under the stairs for the ‘true charity shop experience’. I can see it now…im going to make millions. I wont have to be thrifty anymore…sianara suckaz, Being poor is for loserz!

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