Sunday, 14 October 2012

The secret judging of calf muscles

On friday i spent my morning looking and judging peoples calf muscles without them knowing. My desk in the office is located perfectly for staring up onto the mezzanine level where the web designers are based. This is great for two reasons- 1.the office hot totty is situated up there and I can stare all day long with him being none the wiser can judge other peoples calf muscles. Normally this wouldn’t appeal to me, and its not something that sprung to my mind when I saw where I was sitting ‘oh thank god! That means I can look at every ones calves and ankles!’ no…not quite. Today while I was chugging along playing with post it notes and pritt. I caught a glimpse of one of the employees calves and my, my, what a calf! This was a bit of a shock as i would never of expected it from looking at him, so when he graced the office with a pair of shorts I couldn’t look anywhere else! It was like my eyes were drawn to these fabulous sculpted calves, they looked as though they had been shaped from marble and then chiselled to perfection. Bet he moisturises them.

Anyway, I came to my studio in the afternoon to continue being super important and great (im totally joking, ive got about 4 followers and one is my grandma). Im in the process of writing a proposal for a Print company.
We are looking at creating a dress from all their old print runs and cut offs. Huge sheets of material with bursts of colour and ink. Im super excited to get my hands on whatever they have spare. Another Dumpster Couture coming up… watch this space. 

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