Monday, 15 October 2012

the lazy mans recipe

So I have my moments, as im sure we all do, of utter inability to move. No matter what the situation you just cannot bring yourself to move anywhere further than a two-meter radius. One lowly Tuesday afternoon, I was struck by this sudden demobilisation. Normally, this would be fine and id ride out my laziness with a bit of Criminal Minds and a selection of refreshments within reaching distance. HOWEVER I was craving, and I was craving hard. All I wanted was a packet of crisps. Seriously, it was as though they were the last drop of water in the desert, the holy grail of all savoury snacks. There was no way in hell I was going out into the cold and too the shop, at most I could make it to the kitchen. And this is how my amazing creation was born... All you need is 1 Potato. New potato, jacket potato, round potato, square potato. Really just any potato. (Potato gets funnier each time you say it doesn’t you think?) So yeh...1 Potato and any condiment that’s takes your fancy at that moment in time.

Slice your mighty fine potato super thin, or as thin as you can be bothered to do without straining your precious eyes. You will end up with lots of raw potato discs-sounds delicious I know. Then this is where the magic happens.. put the discs on a piece of baking parchment and cover them in whatever you want (I went with salt and pepper, then got mad cocky and tried paprika with mixed herbs-still turned out gr8) cover the discs with another bit of parchment and whack it in the microwave for like 6 mins.


PING-you’ve got yourself some mighty fine homemade crisps. They also couldn’t be more healthy if they tried, although that wasn’t really the starting aim. Gave some to my best friend when she came up for lunch today (the queen of crisps) and she said they tasted like kettle chips, pretty high praise if I may say so myself. 

I don't have an after picture because i ate them all before i remembered to take one. I will next time though, honest.

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