Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Hard Grind

I’m moving out! Fleeing from the nest, facing the world on my own, Independent from the moment I cross the threshold etc etc. However to be able to commit this beautiful feat it means I have to have a regular source of income along side Dumpster Design (for some reason self employed at the age of 21 doesn’t go down so well with landlords?!). So I find myself in an Office. A Marketing company to be precise. I now spend every morning of my working week inputting data and re filling staplers. This might sound mundane and to some extent soul destroying. HOWEVER work gets fun when it so happens that your Best Friend from the age of 13 sits just a chair roll away along with an interconnected ichat system between all the office computers, in which you can gossip and flirt with the office hot totty like its 2007 and msn is going out of style. Although there is a negative to all this, having a best friend who looks like she has been born from the sea of golden goddesses and then sculpted to pure perfection by Michelangelo himself is somewhat demoralising. I could deal with this as our contact used to be through the old dog and bone or on skype (in which her beauty is blurred around the edges due to poor internet connection, cheers virgin broadband). But now I have to face the reality of her flawless self everyday, and in the morning none the less-which for some reason makes it worse?! But hey ho, I will soldier on…She is my shinning beacon of hope and motivation for all the norm faces out there. BIG UP AVERAGNESS…and forever striving to be a little less average (just a little, maybe).  

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