Thursday, 18 October 2012

Strictly come reading

So yeh, as we’ve discovered im king nerd. So it won’t come as a shock when I say im a proud member of a book club. Its great. We have laminated scorecards and everything. We all discuss and then judge the book at the end of our meeting. I broke out in a mild sweat the first time we got out the score cards, for some reason them being laminated makes it all a very serious business. 

But of course, being fab females (hollla) we spent the first 20 minuets talking about the book and then the next hour and a half drinking and gossiping. Literally I feel like I should be in desperate housewives. Maybe it could be ‘desperate daisy living by the sea’ my own reality show. Watch out ‘Made in Chelsea’ you’ve got competition in the form of a severely dyslexic nerd who finds herself in Bins more often than not.
Our next book is On the Road by Jack Kerouac, a modern classic, as the back likes to tell me. I’ve got it on audio book along with the hard copy. I listen to the audio book while going to sleep and then wake up in the morning not knowing where ive got to and end up reading it all over again. This process has repeated itself at least three times so far. You’d think id learn, but no.

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