Friday, 26 October 2012

Sky Fall

Last night i had the very exciting opportunity to see the premier screening of Skyfall the day before it was released to the public. It was all very grand and posh. Me and my best friend were greeted by champagne and canopies before being escorted by bond girls to the screening, all red carpet la di da. 

In complete honesty i wasnt expecting much as i had fallen asleep the first three times i had attempted to watch Casino Royal and becuase of my dire happenings with that film i didnt even try and watch Quontum of Sollice. And personaly, Daniel Craig, well, just no. He is old and balding and his face wrinkles resembel that of a pug.

But my my my, i had it all wrong. The film was incredible, it truly was magnificant. and Adele you absolout diamond, i had to restrain myself from singing along at the top of my lungs to the theme tune. I dont think the rest of the cinimar would have appreciated my harmonies, however great they may have been. And Danny, oh Danny boy, what a man! Yes he may have a receeding hair line, and yes he may have some extra folds in that face of his. But when he is in the shower with a half chinese half french stunner and water is running down his washboard abs, i think i can look past his minor imperfections.

All in all it was amazing and I couldn't recommend it more highly.

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