Saturday, 20 October 2012


So I have some controversial views and opinions on a few things-one of those being Garry Glitter, im his number one fan despite his extra curricular activities.

Well this morning I was in bed, flicked on the telly and was confronted with an hour long special of “Crushing Justin Bieber”. I proceeded to watch, excited to see the arrogant child star be “crushed” by…well...anything. HOWEVER I had it all wrong! It was infact an hour-long special of all Bieber music videos in which he sings about girls and having a CRUSH on them, which turns out to be every single frigging song. I couldn’t find the remote so I watched with my eyes squinted while slowly shuffling nearer the off button. But then, ohhh then, I found myself enjoying it. Enjoying Justin Bieber?! And you know what? It gets worse… I was attracted to him. I started to swoon over this boy who is younger than my little brother. I started to plot against Selima Gomez, I feel embarrassed and ashamed. My insides are all conflicted with emotion and Im questioning everything…. do I like coco pops? Or do I just think I like them? Is right in fact left? Is up actually down???
This is all very stressful, and difficult to admit, but I think I have become a Belieber.

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