Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I think its pretty clear, from my posts that I am a nerd. Through and through. And what’s nerdier than craft club?! Nothing I tell you. So as I’m moving in with my best friend (just as nerdy) along with another friend (the nerdiest of us all) we are making a craft club. I literally could not be more excited. So lame I know, but nothing gets me off like a bit off hot glue and macaroni shells. Hopefully our craft club creations will be a bit more sophisticated than pasta photo frames and papier-mâché piggy banks, but I say start small and work our way up. We don’t want to get overly cocky and be scared to ever try another crafty creation again! As we are moving into an unfurnished flat, I have a feeling that by the end of the year if anyone visits us it will be like walking into a hobby craft or the blue peter (here’s one I made earlier) studio. Bring on home made lace lampshades and all things that express our extreme skill and dexterity. Please send pipe cleaners and sequins to Helena rd.

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