Friday, 26 October 2012

Sky Fall

Last night i had the very exciting opportunity to see the premier screening of Skyfall the day before it was released to the public. It was all very grand and posh. Me and my best friend were greeted by champagne and canopies before being escorted by bond girls to the screening, all red carpet la di da. 

In complete honesty i wasnt expecting much as i had fallen asleep the first three times i had attempted to watch Casino Royal and becuase of my dire happenings with that film i didnt even try and watch Quontum of Sollice. And personaly, Daniel Craig, well, just no. He is old and balding and his face wrinkles resembel that of a pug.

But my my my, i had it all wrong. The film was incredible, it truly was magnificant. and Adele you absolout diamond, i had to restrain myself from singing along at the top of my lungs to the theme tune. I dont think the rest of the cinimar would have appreciated my harmonies, however great they may have been. And Danny, oh Danny boy, what a man! Yes he may have a receeding hair line, and yes he may have some extra folds in that face of his. But when he is in the shower with a half chinese half french stunner and water is running down his washboard abs, i think i can look past his minor imperfections.

All in all it was amazing and I couldn't recommend it more highly.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


So being so crafty and great and awesome etc. Yesterday I battled a pub quiz along with some fellow workmates. Turns out…I aint that smart. There were two people who pretty much carried our team through out the whole evening. Without them we would have come last. With them we came third to last. So I have a new challenge/aim/life ambition… To become a pub quiz veteran. Lord of all the quizzes.  I will be the ultimate phone a friend.

I started my new life aim today by buying a newspaper. Im skint though so had to get the 20p one. Surely it has all the same great info though? Right?

Wish me luck on my quest for unlimited knowledge and wisdom. Don’t be surprised if next time you see me I look like this…

Monday, 22 October 2012

Dumpster Doodles

Dumpster Design, Doodles and Dresses

All just waiting to be created by my magical crafty fingers.

Saturday, 20 October 2012


So I have some controversial views and opinions on a few things-one of those being Garry Glitter, im his number one fan despite his extra curricular activities.

Well this morning I was in bed, flicked on the telly and was confronted with an hour long special of “Crushing Justin Bieber”. I proceeded to watch, excited to see the arrogant child star be “crushed” by…well...anything. HOWEVER I had it all wrong! It was infact an hour-long special of all Bieber music videos in which he sings about girls and having a CRUSH on them, which turns out to be every single frigging song. I couldn’t find the remote so I watched with my eyes squinted while slowly shuffling nearer the off button. But then, ohhh then, I found myself enjoying it. Enjoying Justin Bieber?! And you know what? It gets worse… I was attracted to him. I started to swoon over this boy who is younger than my little brother. I started to plot against Selima Gomez, I feel embarrassed and ashamed. My insides are all conflicted with emotion and Im questioning everything…. do I like coco pops? Or do I just think I like them? Is right in fact left? Is up actually down???
This is all very stressful, and difficult to admit, but I think I have become a Belieber.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Lubin' up my Gears

I love engines. I love taking them apart and putting them back together. I love getting my hands dirty and knowing how to work a wrench. Seeing a flat line drawing of an engine immediately gets my juices flowing. I get riled up with ideas and sparks of inspiration all from these intricate maps. I don’t exactly know why engines and mechanics really do it for me. I guess I love the detail and accuracy in every build and casting of every cog, to come together and create something with such presence and power. I know its bizarre to refer to an engine having ‘presence’ but it does. So delicate yet defiant.

 I’m planning a new Dumpster Apparel Dress, incorporating the flat line drawing into the pattern, using the intricate detailing mixed with bold graphic prints. It’ll be super swish

Ellen Von Unwerth

Good God

My kryptonite

Some people wake up in the morning and just don’t feel alive until they have their early morning cup of coffee. This I understand and relate too one hundred percent, however its not coffee that gives me my fix, its Pepsi Max. Ohhh Pepsi Max, the holy grail of soft drinks. My day doesn’t start until ive got my hands on a cold can of that delicious brown substance (and yes, I am one of those horribly annoying people with the disgusting habit of not quite opening the can properly and then sucking at the top like a small woodland creature trying to prize h2o from a piece of damp bark). Its like liquid vitality, my achilles heel. Through out the day I must go through near enough 2 litres, I hate to think what its doing to my insides, but you know what? I don’t bloody care. Its probably knocking out my brain cells one by one with each deadly sip. But Its like nectar, the sweet scent of E numbers and chemicals. It is the main driving force behind any productivity I may possess, I could even go far enough to claim that it solely runs Dumpster Design and is in fact responsible for any success I have encountered. I am now, and will forever be, Pepsi Max’s Mistress.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Strictly come reading

So yeh, as we’ve discovered im king nerd. So it won’t come as a shock when I say im a proud member of a book club. Its great. We have laminated scorecards and everything. We all discuss and then judge the book at the end of our meeting. I broke out in a mild sweat the first time we got out the score cards, for some reason them being laminated makes it all a very serious business. 

But of course, being fab females (hollla) we spent the first 20 minuets talking about the book and then the next hour and a half drinking and gossiping. Literally I feel like I should be in desperate housewives. Maybe it could be ‘desperate daisy living by the sea’ my own reality show. Watch out ‘Made in Chelsea’ you’ve got competition in the form of a severely dyslexic nerd who finds herself in Bins more often than not.
Our next book is On the Road by Jack Kerouac, a modern classic, as the back likes to tell me. I’ve got it on audio book along with the hard copy. I listen to the audio book while going to sleep and then wake up in the morning not knowing where ive got to and end up reading it all over again. This process has repeated itself at least three times so far. You’d think id learn, but no.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wednesday Want

My Wednesday want:

So delightfully tacky that i'd do anything to have it. If any one has an annoying wad of cash weighing down their jeans, im XS, no.9 PO107BT cheers

Décor Demon

The Dumpster Design studio. It is my own; it is my retreat, like a man and his shed. I converted a white box room in to the working space of my dreams. It breathes Dumpster Design, from pieces of furniture found at the tip to the one off knick-knacks ive salvaged from various places.

The King

I have a new man in my life. He is everything I could ever ask for. Always there for me when I need a cuddle, Listens to my stories, never talks back. We could be in an empty room all day together and still not even get board. Arthur Arthur Arthur, You really are my perfect little guy.

As you can see, he also helps me out with work whenever i need an extra pair of hands.../paws?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I think its pretty clear, from my posts that I am a nerd. Through and through. And what’s nerdier than craft club?! Nothing I tell you. So as I’m moving in with my best friend (just as nerdy) along with another friend (the nerdiest of us all) we are making a craft club. I literally could not be more excited. So lame I know, but nothing gets me off like a bit off hot glue and macaroni shells. Hopefully our craft club creations will be a bit more sophisticated than pasta photo frames and papier-mâché piggy banks, but I say start small and work our way up. We don’t want to get overly cocky and be scared to ever try another crafty creation again! As we are moving into an unfurnished flat, I have a feeling that by the end of the year if anyone visits us it will be like walking into a hobby craft or the blue peter (here’s one I made earlier) studio. Bring on home made lace lampshades and all things that express our extreme skill and dexterity. Please send pipe cleaners and sequins to Helena rd.

Criminal Minds

So I work hard, really I do. Being self employed and running my own company means I don’t exactly have set ‘office hours’. I end up working around the clock, which is fine and dandy-I love what I do so it doesn’t feel like work. However, I need my down time as much as the next person. That’s where criminal minds comes in- Oh Mah Ghad. I love it. I settle down in my perfectly constructed make shift studio bed and commence viewing...

(Totally cosy when I've got a duvet aswell)

I genuinely feel like I could catch a serial killer myself. I know all the facts and figures on murder victims and the statistical percentage of being found alive after being kidnapped and missing for over 48 hours. I find myself standing behind people in the queue at the coop, eyeing them up, and going through every trait and characteristic they have that puts them in the category of serial killer.  

Its amazing. If Dumpster Design suddenly goes under or I become so bloomin successful that I retire at an early age I am definitely going to become part of the BAU (behavioural annalists unit) of the FBI. It’s a toss up between that and stunt woman. 

Drag race anyone?

Dumpster Design is proud to announce its first Company car.
So no more of this…

                      Just a lot of this..

I can fit like five dresses in the back of this bad boiiiii. So if u c meh ridin’ dirti round town wid mah bangin tunez (now 64), holla at me bruv!

Girlz Girlz Girlz

My obsession with girls is frowned upon by a few. The look I get when im asked about my ‘celeb crushes that make me swoon’ and I reel off a list of my top ten female beauties rather than jonny depp and orlando bloom, is amusing. I see a flash of confusion and then hesitation before the person gives the standard comment of ‘oh sorry, I didn’t realise you were that way inclined’. But no, I’m not gay; I just appreciate the female form. The beauty of a woman and the ora some generate around them selves. The elegance and grace to a perfectly put together female. My obsession seems to have filtered into my office work...

When it comes down to it, who doesn’t love one hot tamali?! However I think my obsession has turned out of hand when I vowed never again to by a magazine unless Georgia Jagger or Kristen Stewart was staring back at me from the stand. And I know what you thinking, ‘Kristen Stewart? Pfft, get some taste’ NO, I bloomin’ love her alright?! Aint no one gonna tell me shes not got swag

Monday, 15 October 2012

My three Obsessions


1.Stationary. I have been sorting through my studio, cleaning out bits and bobs which have accumulated over time. I have discovered a vast amount of notepads. Brand new ones. I’m like a hoarder. There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of writing on the first page of a new note pad. Its like taking in a huge breath at a petrol station. Never in my life am I going to be able to work my way through all my pads- modern technology has stumped that one. But I am an avid letter writer so I will one day find my way the bottom of the pile. I found the greatest notebook ever at a store called 'i can't believe how cheap that is' (its genuinely called that). it was 4 for £1.25, absolute bargain and possibly the most amazing exercise book ever...

2.Hats. I just can’t get enough of new era. I’m bloomin all over it. But being the thrifty bean I am I refuse to pay actual price, or anywhere near it (£25?! I love my head n all but I aint treating it to anything that pricey). So I spend many hours scouring eBay and snatching up some bargains. My collection is growing nicely, but I don’t think im ever going to be done until my walls look like the new era shop. Donations to the Daisy Hat Fund are always welcome- hat size 7 ¼, snapbacks acceptable.

3.Pijamas. Not a lot I can say about this. I’m a sucka for a Onesie. 

the lazy mans recipe

So I have my moments, as im sure we all do, of utter inability to move. No matter what the situation you just cannot bring yourself to move anywhere further than a two-meter radius. One lowly Tuesday afternoon, I was struck by this sudden demobilisation. Normally, this would be fine and id ride out my laziness with a bit of Criminal Minds and a selection of refreshments within reaching distance. HOWEVER I was craving, and I was craving hard. All I wanted was a packet of crisps. Seriously, it was as though they were the last drop of water in the desert, the holy grail of all savoury snacks. There was no way in hell I was going out into the cold and too the shop, at most I could make it to the kitchen. And this is how my amazing creation was born... All you need is 1 Potato. New potato, jacket potato, round potato, square potato. Really just any potato. (Potato gets funnier each time you say it doesn’t you think?) So yeh...1 Potato and any condiment that’s takes your fancy at that moment in time.

Slice your mighty fine potato super thin, or as thin as you can be bothered to do without straining your precious eyes. You will end up with lots of raw potato discs-sounds delicious I know. Then this is where the magic happens.. put the discs on a piece of baking parchment and cover them in whatever you want (I went with salt and pepper, then got mad cocky and tried paprika with mixed herbs-still turned out gr8) cover the discs with another bit of parchment and whack it in the microwave for like 6 mins.


PING-you’ve got yourself some mighty fine homemade crisps. They also couldn’t be more healthy if they tried, although that wasn’t really the starting aim. Gave some to my best friend when she came up for lunch today (the queen of crisps) and she said they tasted like kettle chips, pretty high praise if I may say so myself. 

I don't have an after picture because i ate them all before i remembered to take one. I will next time though, honest.

Thrifty is my middle name

So im a designer, yes, and that means im automatically engineered to love all designer things right? Anything from clothing to kitchen appliances...right?? But NO. Low and behold I am queen thrifty, leader of the ill pocketed. Im like the pipe piper of the poor. Living in Emsworth definitely has its high points, having a population age on average of 89+ means the charity shops are a gold mine. And being in Emsworth means there is an abundance of them. So taking a break from my extremely busy and very important schedule I went into the village armed with a five-pound note and the need for lunch. And my, my, my, I came up trumps...

Great scarf, Great book, and Great Lunch, all for a fiver. How Great?!

I also came out of my foraging with the need for a shower as I certainly picked up a distinct old people musk. But hey, that’s just one of the joys. Coming to think of it I could bottle it up and sell it as perfume, spray some on and get in a cupboard under the stairs for the ‘true charity shop experience’. I can see it now…im going to make millions. I wont have to be thrifty anymore…sianara suckaz, Being poor is for loserz!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

The secret judging of calf muscles

On friday i spent my morning looking and judging peoples calf muscles without them knowing. My desk in the office is located perfectly for staring up onto the mezzanine level where the web designers are based. This is great for two reasons- 1.the office hot totty is situated up there and I can stare all day long with him being none the wiser can judge other peoples calf muscles. Normally this wouldn’t appeal to me, and its not something that sprung to my mind when I saw where I was sitting ‘oh thank god! That means I can look at every ones calves and ankles!’ no…not quite. Today while I was chugging along playing with post it notes and pritt. I caught a glimpse of one of the employees calves and my, my, what a calf! This was a bit of a shock as i would never of expected it from looking at him, so when he graced the office with a pair of shorts I couldn’t look anywhere else! It was like my eyes were drawn to these fabulous sculpted calves, they looked as though they had been shaped from marble and then chiselled to perfection. Bet he moisturises them.

Anyway, I came to my studio in the afternoon to continue being super important and great (im totally joking, ive got about 4 followers and one is my grandma). Im in the process of writing a proposal for a Print company.
We are looking at creating a dress from all their old print runs and cut offs. Huge sheets of material with bursts of colour and ink. Im super excited to get my hands on whatever they have spare. Another Dumpster Couture coming up… watch this space. 

My Cosy Cosy Studio

It’s raining out. And normally this would bother me if I were traipsing around in the harsh weather. But I am currently tucked up in my studio, faking working hard. It’s like being in a tent in the middle of a storm, all locked up in your own little bubble of safety. If I turn the heater up to ten it’s like I’m in a log snow cabin looking out upon my kingdom of extreme weather. Or… a small hot room looking out onto a damp drive. But whatevs. Literally in the past twenty minuets while I have been writing this and fannying around it has now turned in to bright sunshine outside 

(Shout out to global warming, Holla at yaaa).  

The Hard Grind

I’m moving out! Fleeing from the nest, facing the world on my own, Independent from the moment I cross the threshold etc etc. However to be able to commit this beautiful feat it means I have to have a regular source of income along side Dumpster Design (for some reason self employed at the age of 21 doesn’t go down so well with landlords?!). So I find myself in an Office. A Marketing company to be precise. I now spend every morning of my working week inputting data and re filling staplers. This might sound mundane and to some extent soul destroying. HOWEVER work gets fun when it so happens that your Best Friend from the age of 13 sits just a chair roll away along with an interconnected ichat system between all the office computers, in which you can gossip and flirt with the office hot totty like its 2007 and msn is going out of style. Although there is a negative to all this, having a best friend who looks like she has been born from the sea of golden goddesses and then sculpted to pure perfection by Michelangelo himself is somewhat demoralising. I could deal with this as our contact used to be through the old dog and bone or on skype (in which her beauty is blurred around the edges due to poor internet connection, cheers virgin broadband). But now I have to face the reality of her flawless self everyday, and in the morning none the less-which for some reason makes it worse?! But hey ho, I will soldier on…She is my shinning beacon of hope and motivation for all the norm faces out there. BIG UP AVERAGNESS…and forever striving to be a little less average (just a little, maybe).  

Mayhem! Event

So im one. Hip hip hooray. A whole one year old. I have turned the thoughts that used to drift through my mind before I fell asleep years ago into my reality. In to what I eat sleep and breathe. They say if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. I love what I do; I love the immediate buzz that accelerates through my blood whenever I see a potential idea or concept for a dress. I love the burning desire I have to push beyond the limits. I love the look that flashes over people’s faces of utter insanity when I try to explain to them that I create beautiful and elegant couture from what’s at the bottom of your trashcan. However, regardless of the love and passion I have for my work sometimes it still feels like a slog. I get frustrated and fidgety when I think about all the things I could be doing to expand and explore. All the different areas my business could be filtering in to. But I don’t want it to filter and blend in like the slow motion milk in your early morning cup of tea, I want to Demolish. Define. In this first year of running my company I have learnt more than I had in the 4 years of education I paid an arm and a leg to go through. I learnt it’s not easy. I learnt that regardless of the faith you have in your own ideas you have to convince people to listen. You have to convince others that today they are going to go home and think of you and your magnificent plans rather than what they are going to cook for dinner. It feels backwards and twisted but it turns out that is what real life is.

Anywho, Happy birthday Dumpster…Lets all get drunk and paint our faces!

Roll on Year Two...

Thursday, 11 October 2012

10 Dress Collaboration

So i have finally finished! i have been working on a ten dress collaboration with 'Mayhem!Magazine' for the best part of this year. The collection is now complete! And well, the dresses speak for themselves. They are beautiful, elegant and everything that Dumpster stands for. 

Mind you, i won't be rushing into any other magazine based dresses for a little while to say the least! Its been a pleasure to work so closely with another independent business, and i have learned a lot from the experience. However now i think its time for me to take a well deserved rest and watch Criminal Minds with a hot chocolate. 

Check out these bad boys...