Thursday, 1 September 2011

Pleating Papers

I started off this dress by cutting and tightly pleating around one hundred magazine pages. I then layered and sewed them all onto a basic skirt block i had made in plain canvas. The top half is formed from lots of newspaper cones i made and fastened together. Also added extra detail in the back of the top with large pleated panels reaching to the collar.

Story lines

This dress was inspired by the seven main story lines in literature, with each section representing a different one. Alot of  GCSE maths skills and compus points came into play when trying to work out the flare of each section on the dress.

Sitting on current affiars

The bottom of this dress is formed from layers of corrugated newspaper with lace entwined. With a voluminous bustle at the back and angular edges at the front. The top half is a magazine crop corset which i sculpted out of card and paper, tied at the back with a ribbon.

Royal Navy Revamp

i was given an unwanted table cloth from a royal navy event so decided to make a dress out of actual material for once. i made layer upon layer of scalloped skirt blocks, with netting stitched inbetween to give the skirt volume and texture. then matched this with an open back bodice.